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Top new questions this week:

How to explain a problem without finger-pointing?

I try to avoid all kinds of "everyday life" arguings, but sometimes I just want an explanation for minor problems. "Why are you late?" and "You know where we keep documents, why put it in a ...

relationships argument  
asked by Nyagolova 9 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 17 votes

How to identify and approach persons of low income with the aim to help

I apologize in advance if this seems distasteful in any way, I'm genuinely trying to be helpful. I live in a low income area in the UK, however I am fairly comfortable financially. It pains me ...

politeness united-kingdom strangers how-to-help  
asked by Griffin 4 votes
answered by gerrit 11 votes

How to non-rudely exit or change the subject of a conversation where someone is wittering

Sometimes I find myself on the receiving end of what I call "wittering," or for lack of a better term verbal diarrhea. This is essentially where someone will start talking at length, often without ...

conversations politeness roommates  
asked by Touchdown 4 votes
answered by Astralbee 1 vote

How to have friend doing a favour sign a contract without making it look like I'm taking advantage of him?

I have a tendency to over think things, get paranoid and get anxiety when it comes to the law. I had a couple of very unfortunate experience, even one I was completely in the right going to court is a ...

friends anxiety negotiation verbal-communication written-interaction  
asked by user20887 2 votes
answered by Ed Grimm 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I deal diplomatically with a feminist neighbor who continuously delivers political speeches in private?

This question is unlikely to have a very strong cultural context so I welcome answers from members all over the world. I met this person (code name Jane D) when I was studying sociology at ...

conversations conflict-aversion difficult-people feminism  
asked by English Student 73 votes
answered by Stephan Branczyk 33 votes

How do I deal with a coworker who unplugs my monitor because I didn't turn it off?

Background: I have a coworker - let's call her Anne - who believes that saving energy wherever possible is everyone's most important responsibility. Anne has made that clear from the day that I joined ...

work-environment conflicts boundaries europe  
asked by kscherrer 136 votes
answered by AndreiROM 203 votes

How to politely notify in an online conversation that I am a woman?

Context I am a woman and I sometimes post things online, on Stack Exchange for instance. Usually, my posts are very neutral and do not provide any hint of my gender. It seems that most people assume ...

politeness online-interaction gender  
asked by Trabool 112 votes

What is Soda Fountain Etiquette?

The other day I was walking with my cup to the Soda Fountain1 at a restaurant. Someone was already using the fountain, but the drink they were getting was on the far right side, while what I wanted ...

united-states etiquette strangers public-issues restaurants  
asked by scohe001 39 votes
answered by Johns-305 37 votes

I have a crush on a coworker but won't act on it, how can I tell my boyfriend about it and that I'll remain faithful?

TL;DR: I find one of my coworkers attractive but I know it'll pass over time. I don't want to engage in anything with this coworker, I'm just waiting for the end of the crush. I think I should tell my ...

relationships france taboo  
asked by avazula 61 votes
answered by Jay 178 votes

How to handle people blocking your view and breaking the rules at the theater by not sitting in their assigned seats?

A while ago, my parents/brothers and I went to visit a theatre performance (in The Netherlands, where we live). We booked really nice first class tickets with empty seats in front of us. We booked ...

conflict-aversion awkward-situations strangers netherlands  
asked by Tinkeringbell 94 votes
answered by Belle 97 votes

Requesting someone to give up their seat to me on public transport if I have an invisible disability?

I have an invisible disability. I do not really want to disclose what it is, but I have trouble standing up on public transport for longer than a few minutes. I would like to sit down. Now, the ...

netherlands requests public-transportation disability  
asked by Belle 124 votes
answered by StephenG 179 votes
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