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How can I convey to my technologically inept parents that my IT job is mentally draining

To preface my question, I am an Irish 21 year old male currently on a college work placement. I work Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM as an RPA developer and Business Analyst. I commute ...

conversations family parents ireland  
user avatar asked by Fitzy Score of 181
user avatar answered by Kate Gregory Score of 153

How to get friends/partner to stop texting me pointless pictures/videos

I have a handful of close friends, including my partner, who frequently text me with a completely random picture or video of something cute and/or funny that they found on the internet. For example, a ...

friends social-media texting  
user avatar asked by Slow loris Score of 84
user avatar answered by apaul Score of 67

How to deal with my boyfriend’s mother without affecting my relationship with him?

Background I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now and even if everything is perfect with him and I couldn’t be happier, it is not the same with his family and especially with his mother, who ...

conversations relationships conflict-aversion family europe  
user avatar asked by Marisa Score of 46
user avatar answered by baldPrussian Score of 72

How can I ask my girlfriend to split gas money for a long trip?

A situation came up with my girlfriend where I drove her to an event that she needed to go to that was a two hour drive away (so a four hour round trip). After we got back, I charged her for half of ...

united-states relationships conflict-aversion conflicts  
user avatar asked by The_Bird Score of 72
user avatar answered by scohe001 Score of 168

Is adding “let me know if anything is unclear” to an e-mail really necessary or is it redundant?

(Note that I originally asked this question on the English Language Stack Exchange and was told that it belonged here (Interpersonal Stack Exchange), so I removed it from the EL SE and manually moved ...

politeness etiquette email  
user avatar asked by MusTheDataGuy Score of 32
user avatar answered by OldPadawan Score of 41

How can a girl maintain friendship with guys after they're married?

I'm a girl. Quite a few of my friends are guys: I'm a geek, so it just happened that the people I bonded with happened to mostly be guys. Some of those friends I've known since 7th grade. Another ...

user avatar asked by Galastel supports GoFundMonica Score of 203

How to clearly communicate that you're asking someone on a date?

It seems to me that it's sometimes difficult to both stay within the social protocol and also communicate your intentions clearly. As an example of this, I once asked a girl I knew out to see a ...

relationships romance misunderstandings denmark  
user avatar asked by Boblicon Score of 95
user avatar answered by Tinkeringbell Score of 109
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