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Top new questions this week:

How to get a young Egyptian woman to talk about herself

About half a year ago a young Egyptian woman contacted me via Facebook, because she was looking for a native German speaker who also has some decent English skills. Of course at first I suspected some ...

friends conversations egypt  
asked by Thomas 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to deal with someone secretly taking pictures of you

As the title says: How should you react if you notice someone taking pictures of you without your consent? Background: It happened to me yesterday on the bus that a woman, of about my age, sat ...

awkward-situations etiquette public-issues france  
asked by Tim Hallyburton 49 votes
answered by oerkelens 16 votes

Ask a girl whether she would like to come back to a hotel with me on a night out without being creepy

A bit of a background, I am in my early 20's, I was in a relationship for 8 years, we have broke up on good terms, and I have never experienced "single life" so I don't have any experience in this ...

relationships europe  
asked by Pickle 76 votes
answered by Andrew 193 votes

My fiancée is addicted to a "free-to-play" (pay-to-win) game

My fiancée and I have been living together for exactly 4 years as of today. She and I have always loved video games, we both own several consoles (PS4, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch etc), we actually ...

relationships games  
asked by Fez Vrasta 151 votes
answered by bobflux 220 votes

I was mistakenly identified as a criminal, and this has caused rumors. How can I convince my friends that it is all a mistake?

A while ago, I was at a popular, busy local nightclub (this is in the Unites States) and ran into a friend of a friend. Let's call her Anne. After a bit of conversation with Anne, and mutual name-...

friends united-states awkward-situations gossip  
asked by Scott Smith 153 votes

Pointing the index fingers to one another as a way to excuse oneself: is this a common gesture?

I grew up in Italy, and there is a gesture I use that I'm wondering whether is strictly Italian or is used/understood elsewhere. It means either of: "I know this may bother you, but I'd really ...

etiquette online-interaction non-verbal-communication cross-culture  
asked by Nicola Sap 19 votes
answered by Lightness Races in Orbit 39 votes

Is adding “let me know if anything is unclear” to an e-mail really necessary or is it redundant?

(Note that I originally asked this question on the English Language Stack Exchange and was told that it belonged here (Interpersonal Stack Exchange), so I removed it from the EL SE and manually moved ...

politeness etiquette email  
asked by MusTheDataGuy 31 votes
answered by OldPadawan 42 votes

How to contact a girl whose number I got from somebody else?

Situation Some days ago I went to a concert of the band of a good friend, let's call him Alex. He and his bandmates, invited a lot of friends to support them. I know Alex pretty well since we've been ...

conversations awkward-situations germany phone-calls texting  
asked by Fimbulvetr 25 votes
answered by AllTheKingsHorses 32 votes
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