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How to ask a new friend about his sexuality?

A few weeks ago, I met a guy, and we started a friendship. We're still getting to know each other, but as time passes I have more and more reasons to believe he has different interests than I (a ...

friends europe lgbt+  
user avatar asked by Neinstein Score of 41
user avatar answered by apaul Score of 34

How can I ask my girlfriend to split gas money for a long trip?

A situation came up with my girlfriend where I drove her to an event that she needed to go to that was a two hour drive away (so a four hour round trip). After we got back, I charged her for half of ...

united-states relationships conflict-aversion conflicts  
user avatar asked by The_Bird Score of 72
user avatar answered by scohe001 Score of 168

How to approach an inevitable breakup after sudden death in partner's family?

Ever since this happened, things have been very tense between my girlfriend and me. I spend every night at our apartment now, however I don't believe she trusts me at all anymore, and our ...

relationships family  
user avatar asked by Steve Score of 36
user avatar answered by BlackThorn Score of 101

How can I explain to people that a programmer isn't a computer technician?

In Italy, a lot of people keep thinking that programmers are computer technicians. A programmer does completely different things, and in a company, I'm not the guy who should assemble your computer ...

conversations work-environment misunderstandings italy  
user avatar asked by Marco Salerno Score of 132
user avatar answered by Kate Gregory Score of 162

How do I politely explain to my neighbour that I don't feel comfortable being alone with her in her house while my kids play?

We recently moved into a new neighborhood, as did our neighbor, Jane. I have two young girls (4 and 5), and Jane has a boy and girl (7 I think?). My kids love to play with them, and her kids seem to ...

united-states awkward-situations boundaries neighbors  
user avatar asked by MrDuk Score of 83
user avatar answered by Jess K. Score of 148

What to do if you are accidentally following someone?

Imagine this: you're a male in their late twenties. It is dark and you're taking the shortest route to your home/car/llama. After sometime you realize that you have been following someone. To make it ...

conflict-aversion awkward-situations  
user avatar asked by Relix Score of 285
user avatar answered by anongoodnurse Score of 219

How can I tactfully tell my ex-superior that I don't owe him anything?

Context Last summer, I had a temporary job which lasted 3 months (not more, not less) as a research engineer. It was decided that if my work gave promising results, my superior would write an ...

work-environment coworkers france  
user avatar asked by avazula Score of 79
user avatar answered by Link0352 Score of 141
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