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Top new questions this week:

How to detect and counteract gaslighting

Gaslighting is one of those things that becomes a logical trap for both the abused (they can look deluded, without physical evidence, which can lead to further manipulation) and also for a falsely-...

relationships mental-health academic-research abuse  
asked by TheProseMix 3 votes
answered by Stilez 2 votes

Respectful way to stop connecting with a friend?

Recently I have realized that my interaction with a friend has exhausted itself. They are not a boy/girl-friend and there's no third person involved. We have been closely connected in the past, but ...

friends breakups  
asked by SlowJazz 3 votes
answered by Tinkeringbell 5 votes

How to help a close friend seek help with possible early onset dementia

I have a close friend who is genetically predisposed to early-onset dementia. My friend is relatively young (mid-30s), but has been having concerning unexplained behavioral shifts, such as: ...

friends conversations family mental-health  
asked by Guest224224224 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to approach an inevitable breakup after sudden death in partner's family?

Ever since this happened, things have been very tense between my girlfriend and me. I spend every night at our apartment now, however I don't believe she trusts me at all anymore, and our ...

relationships family  
asked by Steve 35 votes
answered by BlackThorn 101 votes

How do I dismiss a stranger asking for money?

I'm not sure if the answers to Appropriate ways to dismiss street vendors? apply to this situation, as it is about people asking for money without a compensation. That's why I'm asking a new question ...

conversations united-states public-issues money strangers  
asked by Anne Daunted GoFundMonica 53 votes
answered by Birchlabs 44 votes

What to do if I suspect my friend is stealing from me?

Let's name the suspected stealing friend, Mark. Value of missing items is around 20$. I have been told from my other friends that Mark has been known to be around when things go missing, with a ...

friends conversations conflicts friend-groups  
asked by LampPost 36 votes
answered by apaul 86 votes

How to significantly reduce my hairstylist's tip, without upsetting her?

My haircuts - here in Manhattan - are expensive; if you care to have a hairstyle at all, and not just a quick shave with clippers at the barber shop, then the minimum cost is about $55 dollars, which ...

conversations united-states awkward-situations money bad-news  
asked by D.Hutchinson 46 votes
answered by corsiKa 185 votes

How to contact a girl whose number I got from somebody else?

Situation Some days ago I went to a concert of the band of a good friend, let's call him Alex. He and his bandmates, invited a lot of friends to support them. I know Alex pretty well since we've been ...

conversations awkward-situations germany phone-calls texting  
asked by Fimbulvetr 25 votes
answered by AllTheKingsHorses 32 votes

How do I tell a co-worker that just because something is a hobby doesn't mean I want to do it for free?

I enjoy baking, and on a number of occasions have baked cakes or other desserts for people in the office to celebrate their birthday or a work-related milestone. I've done this of my own accord, ...

work-environment boundaries  
asked by Fodder 123 votes
answered by apaul 130 votes

Complimenting a female co-worker without coming across as flirting?

I am asking this question for a friend. My friend is straight, male, and married to a woman and loyal to his wife. He is a somewhat socially awkward person. He works in an office of software ...

united-states etiquette coworkers compliments  
asked by ElizB 101 votes
answered by Jess K. 189 votes
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