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Top new questions this week:

Two people from small group of friends want to have a "meeting" with me. The circumstances are strange and give me a bad feeling

I have a small group of friends that get together and hangout. Usually we hangout on Fridays. We usually go to the same person's home. One person from this group (call him Bob) contacted me. He said ...

united-states conflict-aversion friend-groups  
asked by hectorpepper 40 votes
answered by thanby 75 votes

Pointing the index fingers to one another as a way to excuse oneself: is this a common gesture?

I grew up in Italy, and there is a gesture I use that I'm wondering whether is strictly Italian or is used/understood elsewhere. It means either of: "I know this may bother you, but I'd really ...

etiquette online-interaction non-verbal-communication international-context  
asked by Nicola Sap 16 votes
answered by Lightness Races with Monica 28 votes

When is it appropriate to mention someone else's suicide attempt?

So, earlier today my friend and classmate attempted suicide. He's in the hospital right now and will probably be okay, but I dread the next time he'll come to college. I know there are triggers and ...

mental-health privacy suicide  
asked by FFN 13 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 18 votes

Explain to group of friends that I will not show empathy to other friend

Recently, a person in our group of friends, let's call her Rachel, was involved in a car accident. The problem is, she was drunk and driving a stolen car. To give a bit more details : there were two ...

friends conflicts friend-groups conflict-resolution  
asked by user3399 8 votes
answered by user3399 2 votes

How to gently ask my neighbor not to use my bins for their waste?

In the past months, there were several occasions when I found foreign waste in my personal bins. I cannot say, that was my neighbor for sure as I never saw anyone. But the waste type and content made ...

conflict-aversion politeness saying-no germany neighbors  
asked by N.R. 8 votes
answered by anon 19 votes

How to tactfully tell a martial arts instructor that I was freaked out by his lack of action?

The other day I joined a martial art/combat sport class. Apart from the many positive aspects of the experience, there was unfortunately one thing that really freaked me out. When the sparring session ...

politeness personal-hygiene physical-health respect physical-contact  
asked by Bogo 6 votes
answered by Allerleirauh 2 votes

partner temporary moving in, how to enforce it's temporary?

I live alone and I just love it. I also have a girlfriend that I also love (5 years), and since the start of our relationship I told her that "living together would not happen". To make a long story ...

relationships boundaries marriage  
asked by hundredcats 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I politely get the attention of a coworker who is listening to music?

At work a few weeks ago, a coworker was listening to music with her earphones in, and I needed to ask her a question because a piece of code I was writing was not working and she often helps me debug ...

conversations coworkers approach  
asked by teslajin 52 votes
answered by Jess K. 103 votes

How do I tell my new boyfriend that I make a lot of money?

I am usually very secretive about my income. No one really knows how much I make and I was taught to never talk about money to friends. I make about ten times what my boyfriend does. He's also a ...

united-kingdom money romance  
asked by stacy 190 votes
answered by Scheme 239 votes

How to determine if someone is busy or just doesn't want to spend time with me?

A friend of mine, Tim, is often busy. I've been trying to make plans with him to go out for drinks, but he seems to be busy every time I make this offer. This happens fairly often so I have a slight ...

friends socializing  
asked by Arthas 72 votes
answered by Alexander Aeons Torn 102 votes

How can I stop enabling my brothers without my mom exploding?

My parents are away from home for little private holidays on a quite regular basis (once every 2/3 months), where they leave me home alone with my 2 brothers for 2-5 days. I'm a 26-year-old female, my ...

family conflicts netherlands  
asked by Tinkeringbell 131 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 163 votes

How to tell a colleague to not drink water from my bottle

So I have a water bottle in my office and to fill it every time is a tiring business. I need to walk to a different floor than I sit and then I need to wait till other people fill their bottles. Then ...

india colleagues  
asked by Peaceful 52 votes

How to respond when a Doctor's Receptionist asks the reason for the appointment, after confirming appointment is made?

I have recently come across a situation that made me feel very uncomfortable, especially if it had been more of a personal issue. I contacted my doctor yesterday with pains in my hand/wrist as I ...

awkward-situations politeness united-kingdom professionalism  
asked by Clannagh 92 votes
answered by Summer 275 votes

How to tactfully check whether my new partner is a man or a woman?

I know this is a weird question, but I'm kinda annoyed. I met someone at my local gym. We started to talk from time to time and one thing leading to another we made out (not sexually) and are a ...

europe gender  
asked by user21396 122 votes
answered by apaul 87 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Getting back in touch with an ex- colleague

I have worked at an office as a contractor and got relieved a few weeks ago. I had fun while working there and at the same time my manager developed negative notion towards me for reasons best known ...

coworkers india  
asked by WonderWoman 1 vote
answered by Martijn -1 votes

How to behave at concerts when people are pushing to get towards the front

I have some experience with concerts (mostly heavy-metal ones, but pretty sure it's the same for any genre). And every time some people try get to the front rows either by just walking as they have a ...

awkward-situations politeness strangers  
asked by randomGuy 2 votes
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