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Top new questions this week:

How to politely ask roommate not to spend too much time in bathroom (serious)?

I have lived with roommates for a while and have almost never had exclusive use of any bathroom where I have lived. I currently share the bathroom with a student from India. He mainly studies at home. ...

roommates sharing  
asked by plantoplan Score of 3
answered by ejkeep Score of 1

How to signal to partner that I'm unresponsive because I'm focussing on something?

I have social anxiety disorder. I also often zone out for unrelated reasons (say, when I'm really focused on something technical). My partner mistakes my zoning out for me not being okay, so they ask ...

asked by Kevin Score of 2
answered by Tony Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

WhatsApp: read and not reply without sounding rude?

Many people who contact me on WhatsApp send me (too) many messages. Most of those messages are pointless, some are useful and few are important. I usually make it a point to reply to the important ...

socializing social-media chatting  
asked by Peaceful Score of 30
answered by GlorfSf Score of 43

How can I deal diplomatically with a feminist neighbor who continuously delivers political speeches in private?

This question is unlikely to have a very strong cultural context so I welcome answers from members all over the world. I met this person (code name Jane D) when I was studying sociology at Masters ...

conversations conflict-aversion difficult-people feminism  
asked by English Student Score of 75
answered by Stephan Branczyk Score of 34

How to reply to unknown texter?

Occasionally I receive a text from an unrecognized number. From the content of the text, the sender probably expects me to recognize their number. How can I reply politely that I have no idea who they ...

etiquette texting  
asked by LN6595 Score of 9
answered by Anilla Score of 10

How can I politely get the attention of a coworker who is listening to music?

At work a few weeks ago, a coworker was listening to music with her earphones in, and I needed to ask her a question because a piece of code I was writing was not working and she often helps me debug ...

conversations coworkers approach  
asked by teslajin Score of 52
answered by Jess K. Score of 102

What is the etiquette for asking whether someone has a special diet

Is there an etiquette for asking if there are certain things a person does not want or cannot eat? If I cook for a group of people, is it on them to tell me about it, or do I ask them? If it's on me ...

etiquette eating  
asked by Houbie Score of 41
answered by kscherrer Score of 82

Girlfriend gets extremely angry over small issues, how can I help her?

When I went to live with my girlfriend a few years ago I was initially surprised by how she got very angry (using a very aggressive tone, shouting, ecc..) when I did "something wrong". By angry, I ...

family life-partner anger  
asked by heapOverflow Score of 22
answered by user3399 Score of 23

How can I respond when someone asks me when I'm going to get married to my girlfriend?

Frequently I'll have my friends and family tease me, or ask questions about when my girlfriend and I are going to get married. Sometimes, they'll even make these kinds of jokes to me while she's ...

friends united-states awkward-situations family romance  
asked by DJMcMayhem Score of 114
answered by CloneZero Score of 74
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