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Top new questions this week:

Tactfully asking a date you are interested in having further dates with to slow down physical escalation

United States, situation that arises out of expectation of traditional gender roles. Say that Bob goes on a couple if dates with Alice. Alice suddenly and unexpectedly escalates the relationship to ...

asked by Duke Leto 5 votes
answered by mallocation 0 votes

How to tell my friends to forget all our past conversations and trust me from now on?

I am 21 years of age and I've been a stupid teller of lies in my past. I've almost never lied in situations where it can be hurtful or destructive. I usually have had spun yarns about past life ...

friends conversations trust  
asked by shoelace 5 votes
answered by Erin Thursby 8 votes

Asking housemate’s partners to contribute toward bills during pandemic?

I share a 5 bedroom house with 4 others. We all get on and they are nice people. As the Coronavirus spread in the UK I was put on furlough (temporary leave paid for by the government, as long as I ...

conflict-aversion money roommates  
asked by Theo F 3 votes

Meeting new people and telling them my field of work X and they say they could never understand X or hated X in school?

I'm a graduate student in physics. When meeting new people (mutual acquaintances, workout groups, meeting random people while out and about), eventually the question is often asked: what do you do? I ...

united-states compliments introductions  
asked by Jagerber48 3 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 5 votes

How to correct my dad's misconception of my partner?

My dad appears to have a long-standing misconception about my partner of nearly 10 years. He seems to believe she does very little to contribute, either in terms of labour or financially. Neither of ...

parents life-partner  
asked by Xophmeister 1 vote
answered by Elmy 0 votes

How to be persistent but not annoying when dealing with property manager

I'm trying to get my property manager to move me (total household = me + minor child) from a 1 bedroom unit to a 2 bedroom unit. I actually thought this would be a simple request but it's not ...

etiquette assertiveness  
asked by user29716 1 vote
answered by Kate Gregory 0 votes

How can I convey negative feedback in a positive and constructive way?

Imagine walking into a restaurant to look at a menu and instead of saying "I'll have a think about it" and wander off, you instead said "actually, I've found a place for cheaper so I'm going there ...

rudeness australia feedback-methods  
asked by Darryn Brisdaz 1 vote
answered by Kate Gregory 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to tell friends something goes against my religion?

I am currently in middle school, and as many of you know, profanity is thrown around in middle school like clothes in a dryer. My religion prohibits me from being profane, how can I tell my friends ...

friends united-states school religion profanity  
asked by baranskistad 67 votes
answered by SQB 145 votes

How can I politely ask my date to not use her phone unnecessarily during dinner, without ruining the night out?

When I am on a dinner date with a girl (generally in her early twenties), how can I politely tell her that I am annoyed and feel disrespected when she unnecessarily uses her phone to send text ...

united-states assertiveness  
asked by D.Hutchinson 100 votes
answered by Tom 72 votes

How do I deal with other people's screaming children in restaurants?

I want to start off by saying that I'm not referring to "family friendly" restaurants or other venues where a loud, informal atmosphere might be expected. I'm specifically asking about dining ...

united-states public-issues rudeness restaurants children  
asked by Beofett 103 votes
answered by apaul 125 votes

How to deal politely with people asking about your job but unable to understand it?

I work as a researcher in a very abstract field of Mathematics (this kind of thing) It is very pure Mathematics, without any concrete applications. When I meet somebody for the first time, they often ...

politeness introductions  
asked by Tzason 124 votes
answered by Rose Hartman 69 votes

How to tell an overweight person that the hike will be too hard?

Please note, I don't want to be mean or anything and I don't want to go "fat shaming" or things like that. Context With my SO and a couple of friends, we planned a hike for this summer. The GR20 is ...

friends politeness rudeness approach  
asked by iFlo 88 votes
answered by HDE 226868 161 votes

How do I respond when an acquaintance asks if I'm smart?

I recently graduated college and I am now working as a programmer at a startup tech company for a year. I'm a competent programmer, but I'm definitely not a rock-star. When I'm meeting other young ...

united-states awkward-situations rudeness acquaintances  
asked by Bindelstif 85 votes

How to quickly end a date?

I use a dating app to go on dates with people I have never seen in person. Usually we spend 1-2 hours to go for some coffee etc. I've had dates turn up that e.g. don't look like their ...

etiquette romance online-relationships dating  
asked by user1209304 73 votes
answered by baldPrussian 122 votes
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