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Someone keeps bugging me to come in for a job interview. How to politleypolitely decline?

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Someone keeps bugging me to come in for a job interview. How to politley decline?

I'm in between jobs at the moment and have some temp work I've been doing to pay the bills. Often time's I work with, or at least see, the same people. The other day someone started asking me all of these interview questions. It was very sudden. The questions were uncomfortable, especially since we were eating lunch at a table with other people. The questions were like 'on a level of 1 to 10, how hard of a worker are you?' and 'if you got paid double, would you work twice as hard?'. He then revealed he's a manager at another company he works for the has a product related to smart homes.

At his request I added him on LinkedIn and we exchanged phone numbers. He's been pestering me by text to set up an interview with him in the next few days. I've been busy with my other work and haven't had a time to look into his company but based on the way he's acting it's a scam.

Given that I probably will run into him again at our 'other job', how can I politely tell him I'm busy for the next little while but will get back to him if I am interested? BTW if he's doing the same temp work I'm doing, he's probably lying about being a manager for another company (I haven't checked out their website yet but just by the over eagerness he had in hiring a random person I'm suspecting it's a scam).

I'm not sure when I'll be free to come in for an interview

Would just have him continue to text me each day asking.

Also, a little aside, but what's a good way to respond to someone asking these types of interview questions when you're not actually at an interview?