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How to discuss bad communication with team leader?

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How to discuss bad communication?

My teamleader and I struggle to communicate sometimes. One day a week I'm allowed to work from home so we communicate via Slack or Skype calls. We speak the same native language but there's a 30 year age gap.

When we talk in real life it doesn't always go well, but with a lot of pointing and showing examples she will understand what I mean.

Through slack however I found that conversations like this keep happening:

Her: I can't find X in invision?

Me: I'll have a look for you, one moment.

Her: We also need Y in a separate project.

Me: Y is already in it's own project, here is the link. URL - And I just uploaded X again and you can find it here: URL

This is followed by at least an hour of silence, to get this as a reply (mind you that our history is not cleared)

Her: Where is X in invision?

Me: You can find it through the link I just shared or in the A project.

Another hour of silence followed by:

Her: Did you put Y in a separate project yet?

I tried emailing as well but that only seems to cause more confusion as she will send out multiple separate emails about the same thing that I then all have to reply to.

How can I start the conversation with her about how badly our communication is going without sounding like I'm just nagging to her about things going wrong? Should I propose a solution or should I let us come to that together?