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How to handle being accosted by shop staff when walking past store?

Occasionally I walk past this cell phone store and sometimes when the store is empty there's an employee (or the owner) standing outside accosting passers by.

He'll make eye contact with people from several meters away as they approach and say "hey can I ask you question?" so they stop and he starts asking them how much they're paying for their service plans and all.

Now, when it's busy on the sidewalk I just smile and mumble hello and keep going but once when it was just me on the sidewalk I couldn't avoid him so I kept walking and smiled awkwardly and he sarcastically said "have a nice day!" as I walked away and I felt like a heel. It's gotten to the point where I take a detour to avoid walking past that store now.

This actually happens with homeless persons too, "hello sir can I ask you a question?", which forces you to either be rude and ignore the person, making your next encounter more awkward, or actually stopping and being put on the spot.

How do I walk past this place without having to stop to give this guy courtesy responses?