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How to Politely Ask a Coworker to Turn Down the Volume on their Notifications?

Side Note: I'm in the US, and I chose to ask this on IPS as I'm viewing it as a coworker interaction rather than enforcing company policy

I'm a summer intern at a tech company, and my office space is usually fairly noisy. This is just due to the nature of our desk layout, and the fact I'm seated next to a couple clusters of teams. I don't mind the noise necessarily, but there is a coworker near me whose smartphone and computer notification sounds are incredibly loud and distracting.

The pings are rather frequent, leading me to believe they're either fairly busy or chatting with people during work. However, I don't want to make any assumptions about their workload/work habits when I approach this interaction.

How do I politely ask a nearby coworker to turn down the volume on their computer/phone notifications?