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Is it normal for some toddlers to be scared of strangers?

I do not have children and most of my friends do not have children, so I do not really have anyone that I can ask about this.

I am new to the childcare industry and some of the toddlers seem scared of me. I am not used to this, because many of the children I meet in public are drawn to me. I have not let it bother me that some of the toddlers are scared of me. I have been very caring, friendly and responsive with them. I assumed that it was most likely normal for some toddlers to be scared of strangers and that it might take time for them to feel safe with a new person. However, I am scared that there might be something about me that is scaring them. Perhaps something about my appearance? I have noticed that I am one of the only women at the daycare/preschool with short hair. I am the only woman at the center who styles her hair, does her nails, wears makeup and dresses in business casual/professional attire. I do not over-do it. I do not look like a clown, merely, chic and sophisticated. I am also the only person besides the director who wears glasses. In fact, the only person who's overall appearance is more similar to mine, is the director. Everyone else, puts their hair up in messy buns. They wear faded tank tops, short shorts and sneakers. I am in no way judging their appearance, it is just that my appearance differs from theirs drastically and their appearance is what the toddlers are accustomed to at the center.

So, is it normal for some toddlers to be scared of strangers or is a fear of strangers a stage that most toddlers experience? Am I possibly doing something with my appearance that is scaring them?