Me and my girlfriend got together on April the 13th, all was going fine and I started falling for her. By the end of June she confessed to me that she had kissed her ex the day after we got together (April 14th). I was somewhat hurt, but i didn't make a big deal out of it since then things were going good.

She lives with her parents and her brother, who became best friends with her ex not so long ago. They knew each other for years, but started to hang out in the last couple of months. Her ex often comes over to their place because he is best friends with her brother.

Her ex is still into her. Her ex's other friend, with whom I used to hang out, used every possibility, when our relationship was a bit down, to try to talk her into getting back with her ex

I don't know what to do or if I should break up with her. I feel like she is doing something (cheating), and I am definitely not okay with her ex coming to their place. She tells me that I am the most perfect boyfriend and that she loves me very much but I have tough time believing she means it.

P. S. Once in the middle of August i accidentally caught her. She'd hung out with her brothers friends (including her ex) and she tried to hide that from me.

Guys maybe this is not the right place to ask this, but I'm in desperate need of advice and i would be VERY thankful if anyone helps me ♥️

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    This sounds like a tough situation, but unfortunately as the banner above explains, "what should I do" is off-topic here - we can't make your decisions for you. If you want to break up with her or try to work things out is only something you can really know for sure. Once you've decided what you want to do, we could help with figuring out how to talk to her about it (or another interpersonal goal that you identify). – Em C Sep 27 '18 at 1:52

It is a difficult situation.

My advice would be to talk to her about it. Be up front about the way her actions make you feel and see what she says.

The way that you need to approach this however is not from a place of her potential feeling or her intent. You need to approach it from her actions and how they made you feel. For example.

When you withheld the fact that you spent time with your ex from me that made me feel x...

This is important because if they (Her and ex) are just good friends and there is not anything going on. You "attacking" her privacy/friend time will come off as controlling as if she cannot have male friends.

After having this conversation, I suggest you take some time to yourself and really think about the relationship. How she answers and talks to you should lean you one way or another. If you don't trust her and don't feel as though you can move on, forget about the kiss you mentioned ect. then the best course of action is to end it as soon as possible, save yourself and her from more pain than is necessary.

If you can look past that early indiscretion and what she says is enough for you to trust her, then keep seeing her, and keep communication open so you can start to rebuild trust.

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