I am a female and I started working at a big organization in a new country 6 months back after my studies. There is this male colleague at work who has been friendly with me.

A week back he asked for my personal number and I shared with him. We also went for a drink that day evening after work. He started texting me saying that he wants to be my friend but he wouldn't want anyone at work to know about our friendship (even though he already has a female friend at work).

I got a bit skeptical about this but didn't say anything then as I thought that we have always only spoken as colleagues and there couldn't be anything more. I also told him about my boyfriend who is living in another country.

On the very same night, he sent me a text objectifying my body. I got furious and I told him I am offended. He apologized and didn't talk to me after that and I deleted his number saying that it is better to be just co-workers.

But now it's awkward at work every day as we don't even face each other or talk even though we work on the same team. I don't know how to ease the awkwardness. I don't know if it is okay for me to initiate the talk again or smile casually at work or wait for him to talk to me or just let it be assuming everything would become normal soon. I involuntarily avoid him and he avoids me too.

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    Hi Lolita, welcome to IPS! This is definitely an awkward situation we can help you with, but because the question is somewhat broad "what should I do?" format, we can't really help. Can you let us know what your goals are? Do you want to maintain neutrality with the co-worker, and learn how to behave around him so that he can move on as well? Or do you want to confront him, or ignore him completely? Let us know by editing your goals into your question. Thanks and hope this helps :) – ElizB Jan 22 at 20:28