Last month, I got my first job, I started to earn a great amount of money, more than I need for my expenses, so, I decided to set aside part of my income to charity.

Talking with my mother about what is the best way to give that money, She said I should help my cousin who help us with the household once a week.

She is very poor, works all day doing household in several houses and her work is the only income for her family. She has two children, The oldest one (22) suffered an accident when was younger, so he can not work for prolonged amounts of time, and, because of their financial situation, he cannot pay for his university. Finally, the youngest one is a little girl (8) who is still in the school.

In the beginning, I was thinking to increase the amount she gets paid (about a 30% extra), but the thing is that it's not like I was giving something to her. Another option is to help her with some of her expenses, but I feel that will make her somewhat less responsible in what she uses her money. She is always talking about all the things she has to pay, so I even thought about paying her bank debt so she doesn't have to pay interest and instead, she just pay me the debt with work.

In the end, I'm not sure what is the best approach to help her, and I really want to.

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  • Thanks for your help, I will post it in money.stackexchange.com instead. (: – KinIcy Net Mar 5 at 18:07