I was having a party with my close friends and suddenly two friends were arguing with each other. They were getting hyper and diverting the attention of all the other people to them. They wouldn't listen to us, and they ruined the party and destroyed the whole environment. All my other friends were stressed out because of those people.

How do I, as host of the party, tackle those people and handle this type of situation, so as not to ruin the get-together for all my other friends?

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  • Do you live with older adults and if so, were they around during the party? – Kate Gregory Mar 14 at 20:33
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    Welcome to IPS! In order for us to provide better answers to your question, can you tell us how old you all are and how many you were? – Ælis Mar 14 at 20:39
  • yeah i live with my older adults but they were not there in the party. mostly there are only close friends in party. – Kiran Zahoor Mar 14 at 20:44
  • also, where the party was being hosted could affect answers if that could be edited in – BKlassen Mar 14 at 20:44
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    How do you want the relationship between you and the people to be, after you de-escalated the situation? – XtremeBaumer Mar 15 at 7:17