So when I showed someone in germany a picture of local food from my country (Indonesia), he told me he'd love to try it if he visit my country. and I told him "I will show you my favorite restaurant and I will treat you more great food" and he told me "that's rude".

How to invite someone to taste your traditional meals without sounding rude? Because I thought it's normal to pay for others bill when you're the one who invite.

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    Did that person tell you why they found it rude? I am from germany and have at least some conscious awareness of our culture... And I can't really think of a reason why this should be rude. I mean comming over to your country is quite a trip and combined with expanses. So One had not even to feel bad about accepting such an offer, from my understanding. – dhein May 9 at 5:24
  • @dhein ach so... he just told me that's rude so I kinda assumed it was culture thing (I guess it's not). Anyway thank you for your response :D – Lestari NS May 9 at 5:35
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    @avazula Thank you :) – Lestari NS May 9 at 5:41
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    Did this happened in English or German? Is it possible that word/accent has been misinterpreted? – OldPadawan May 9 at 6:03