There has been a very toxic person to the community of a multiplayer Minecraft server I'm a moderator on (I'll call them Mr Toxic from now on). Apart from using really irritating cheats (the cheats that Mr Toxic used really broke the game for other users) they have caused issues on a multitude of different chats and insulted a lot of people (including staff and players).

Now, they're barred from ever joining our server. But the day after the ban, a new player appeared (let's call them Mr Newbie). However usual it is, the player quickly "developed" an interest in Mr Toxic. They have also exhibited simply too much knowledge for a new player they were posing as.

Yesterday the new player has made a mistake of unconsciously and indirectly confirming they are an alternate account of Mr Toxic (technical details skipped but we're 100% sure). On my first thought, I should ban the new Mr Newbie.

That being said, Mr Newbie is much nicer and is not cheating. I can sense the same style of talking, but different attitude towards others. Now they're an active member of the community. If they were not the same player, I'd have no reason to ban them.

While the improvement seems noticeable, they're still guilty of annoying and offending a large community. How do I address the people offended by them, to help them accept that the player has improved their behavior?

Just for the record, we're hosting a community of 20 active players, 20 less active players and about two hundred players in total.

There is also a question about addressing the player.

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    What have you done so far? Why wouldn't a simple announcement about banning Toxic suffice? – Lux Claridge Jun 11 at 19:37
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    As this question is about addressing the community, and not the player, I feel it can be tailored a bit more to being about the community (and not the player). Can you include for example how the community reacted to the player before they revealed their real identity, how they reacted to the player revealing their identity? Are they all demanding you take action, or are they acting like it's not really a big deal? Is there a place where your community can 'meta', where you can communicate easily and openly with your users and talk with them about/set out rules for future cases? – Tinkeringbell Jun 12 at 9:19
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    What are your community policies? Isn't it usually against the rules to try and get around a ban by just creating a new profile? – user70848 Jun 12 at 16:43

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