I'm a 20 years old programmer and everyday comes with this person asking me for help to configure his iCloud, fix his printer, remove a virus, and other tasks like that.

Yesterday my father comes ask me to help him transfer his data to his new phone. I was busy and I never done it before so I said that I don't know and that he should google it. He responded that's not cool because I'm on computer all day so I better know how to do it than him.

This kind of sentence just makes me super angry. How can I tell my family that I'll not help them for technical questions anymore ?

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    Hi Julien, welcome to IPS! is this question or this question (which seem related, to me), of any help in your case? – OldPadawan Sep 28 '19 at 10:38
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    Just to check - if your father is driving a car does your family go to a mechanics or your father fix everything? Same thing with washers, washing machines. Also check "arbitrary digital exclusion" – SZCZERZO KŁY Sep 29 '19 at 8:23