I have never been to a party or going out with friends and I usually stay at home for studying. (I know it sounds odd, but I am a homebody)

I am also working as an engineer in a fairly big company. There are some people, I am talking to them every day but I could not tell that they are a friend since our communication is all about work.

The majority of people that I am working with are already married or they are in a relationship. So they do not want to spend time with others. Even they do not share their contact numbers to get in touch with them. I sometimes feel like that If I leave for another job I will not have a friend from my previous job. lol

How can I make some good friends at work? Are there any people out there like me?

BTW, I am not active on social media as well.

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I know this might sound unpleasant, maybe even scary, but you're probably going to have to either find a way to enjoy going out, or start using social media. Maybe both. Or at least, if not enjoy it, struggle through it long enough to get to know someone.

The problem is simple logistics; people aren't just going to knock on your door some day and ask to be your friend. You have to go where the person who might end up being your friend is.

Maybe you could try talking to your coworkers about hobbies, pasttimes, or experiences while you're on a break. You may both have shared interests or backgrounds.

Another good option is MeetUp.com. I have personally had no luck with MeetUp, but that's because I live in a very rural area and there simply are very few users here. The idea of the site is that people post about events going on the area and invite other people to go with them. And when I say "events", I mean simple, lighthearted stuff; 1-day hiking trips, open mic night at a local bar, a pick-up baseball game. Maybe someone near you wants a new tennis partner or something?

Social media isn't all bad either. Not every site is as mind-numbing as Facebook or Instagram. Every hobby you can think of has at least one community site somewhere, and is just a single google search away. Maybe you could make an online friend like that? I got a pen-pal on the other side of the world that way.

One last thing I want to point out is that "going out" doesn't have to mean getting drunk in a bar or party. It could be taking a cooking class at your local community college or playing chess in the park.

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