When a family member or friend is going to a funeral for someone they deeply hated (and have practically been celebrating their death), what do you say to sign off a conversation on the topic? Have Fun? My Condolences? Congratulations?

Some of those feel extremely crude, yet the traditional thing to say feels like it misses the mark, too.

TI: I personally have mixed feelings about the death, and mostly want to show my support for this other person.

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    Hi there! Your question seems a bit broad - it's difficult to answer generic issues. Could you tell us more about the relationship with the deceased? Which part of the world does this take place in? (I suspect the answers will likely be based on cultural aspects). – avazula Jan 7 at 13:05
  • @avazula I'm not 100% sure yet how much personal detail any of the parties (living or dead) would be comfortable having online. I CAN say that both the deceased and the 'bereaved' are Dutch and living in the Netherlands. I'd hardly call this a generic issue, regardless... – Weckar E. Jan 7 at 13:07

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