If my girlfriend wants to go out to an expensive restaurant, how can I best tell her that I can't afford it occasionally (since I almost always pay for us both)? I'm fairly well off, but most of my money is wrapped up in investments, which I've accumulated over several years. I also have a little money in savings for emergencies and I live off what's left of each check after I put money in savings/investments. Sometimes money is "tight" just before I get paid again. My options are cut back until payday or take money from savings/investments.

I can technically afford a lot of expenses, but things like expensive restaurants are not in the budget I've allocated for myself. How can I communicate this to my girlfriend without saying that I can't afford the expense? In my mind, "I can't afford it" kind of means I'm living paycheck to pay check.

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  • Hi and welcome to the site! Please check out check out the help center to learn more about what sort of questions we answer here. Unfortunately this is primarily opinion-based since like you allude to here, it depends on what your personal definition of "can/can't afford" is. That said - if this is a source of conflict or you need some help explaining your budget, you could edit to focus on whatever the issue is, and we might be able to answer that instead :) – Em C Feb 14 at 23:06