So, here's the situation -

We're a group of four students in freshman year of college, being mentored by a student in senior year for a summer-long project. My group members though, don't seem to be enthusiastic enough about the project, and this seems to put all the burden on me. By that, I mean, they won't respond to texts or emails, and not follow up on the work they're supposed to do (mutually decided). We didn't have any submissions until today, but today's the deadline for our first evaluation and I still haven't seen a positive response from my "team-mates" and, I don't really know what to do. I'm happy to do my bit of the work, but it's definitely difficult and also humanely impossible for me to handle the entire team's job in a day. I do sound like I'm giving up on the project, but that's what the situation is.

I wonder what would be a good way to bring this up with my mentor, without really being too hard about it on my group members (I'm friends with them, and I wouldn't want to destroy that relation over a project), while also conveying the appropriate information to my mentor.

P.S. I decided to inform my mentor about this before the deadline, which is tonight, because her finding out eventually and providing explanations then would just seem like a cop-out.

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    Hey cogito_ai! Welcome to IPS. To avoid getting answers suggesting things you've already tried or discarded as not being an option: Could you edit your post, and also include some information on what you've thought of doing, but discarded as being too hard on your group members or not appropriate for your mentor? – Tinkeringbell May 22 at 8:01