Last March when the Covid-19 pandemic reached my country, at some schools the parents had organized and told the school as a group they were not letting their kids come in on Monday. This did not happen in our school, as far as I know.

About a year ago there was also a situation (proposed change in the school board many parents disagreed with) where parents could have organised but to the best of my knowledge did not. The unwanted change fell through, as far as I could tell because many individual parents had made it clear they did not agree.

This autumn Covid-19 will likely spike again and I think it is important to at least have decent ventilation in the classrooms. This question is not about Covid-19! How could I start organizing with other parents, on an informal basis, to make sure this is handled well?

I know very little about air-quality control, apparently the amount of fresh air is a setting and more fresh air means more cold air that will have to be heated. In other words: better ventilation will cost more money. I am prepared to pay for this, but it is something to consider when organizing with other parents. We may well end up crowd-funding this between ourselves.

My contacts with other parents until now, 3 years in, have been with the parents and the grandparents my kid plays with after school. With 2 sets of parents I sometimes have coffee, while our kids play. That is it.

How do I find out if some parents are already organized somehow, and if not how do I start this myself?

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