There are many times when I've seen a photo of a girl which reminds me of somebody else, sometimes somebody I've met long ago, or perhaps a celebrity, or even a fictional character sharing the same general facial features or clothing style.

If I point it out, I get the feeling that they aren't very happy to hear it. Why is that?

Shouldn't they be flattered/happy that I associate them with somebody who I remember fondly? Is it really so bad to share the same looks as somebody that I've already established that I liked or even loved?

I don't really understand why this would be something bad.

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    I’m voting to close this question because, as it will probably be impossible to find and analyze some serious scientific data to determine if women like it or not, answers will be pure speculation and opinion-based. – OldPadawan Apr 19 at 4:00
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    If you think your question(s) should be treated differently, please make sure first that they follow IPS guidelines and requirements, then edit and flag for moderators attention. Meta and How to Ask are helpful too. IPS is about communication with others, and the behaviours used to interact well with them. We can't tell you what women (or men) think or why they would think A is better than B for instance... We aren't mind readers AFAIK :) – OldPadawan Apr 19 at 4:30