1. When my direct superior is angry, he is nervous and not patient, so he explains me an information, but bad... I can't understand, he chews his words, should I insist over him to have the required information, or should I let him talk in the empty to risk to make an out-of-subject work ?

  2. When I work, I need an information that is not over internet because it is only about this company. So I need to ask for some information... But one problem occurs.: Everyone is busy. Should I interrupt in a polite way, or should I wait the end until they finish... ? Because one time, I waited that they stop speaking between them while I was blocked at 100%... But the boss shouted over me because I didn't do anything during all this long time. So, how to do ?

  3. When I arrive in an IT company... May I guess by myself where my task that I have to do is located in the big source code of the web site in a case on a home-made framework ? Or may I ask it to my colleagues ? Like the architecture structure of the big source code and folders...

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