I had a nice zoom chat with my friend yesterday; we are both college students. We haven't met each other for a while and we were both excited to share some updates of our lives.

However, after the meeting, I realized that our chat was like a Q&A session. I asked him for some information about his university and the programs he is attending (because I initiated the chat).

But I feel like we could be more interactive and discuss something even deeper, but I didn't know how to transit to a deeper talk from just short Q&As, especially in a video chat since we're living at different cities.

How can I initiate a chat but avoid being a Q&A session?

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    This may be a duplicate of this question, which also focuses on moving conversations beyond small talk. Do the answers there help? If not, are there things in there you've tried that didn't work? Have you ever had a deeper conversation with someone, and how did that happen? Can you explain why you think that approach won't work here?
    – Tinkeringbell
    Aug 17 '21 at 6:45

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