It is a quite complicated. We were school friends. I had crush on her a long ago. we were very good friends then. then we got separated. after 6-7 years, she again got my number and we started talking and chatting with each other. I soon again revived crush on her. we often talk with each other and have developed a very strong bond to the extent that both of us feel bad if something bad happens with the other. after an year, I started giving her hints that I like her. Initially she used to reply in a positive way, but after a few months, one day perhaps my hint was a bit too obvious, to which she replied " I feel the same for you but in a friendly way" but still she talked quite nicely to me. I took as she friendzoned me and as I said, just for not breaking her heart, I pretend that I just consider her as a friend and tried to maintain my friendship. Talking is quite reduced from my side but not from her side. It has been 2 months. She still talks quite nicely to me and often tells about the happenings in her college and ask same about me. But now it has become very difficult for me to continue pretending to be a friend. I have gotten into a confused state where my mind just cannot think of her just as a friend. Right now, thinking about her is painful and I want to just forget her and block her. What is the most gentle way of doing this?

P.S. Right now I am in college(1st year) and havent met her since 8 years. Also, one of her best friend is a very good friend of mine(just like sister) and I have been sharing all this story with her also. she can act as an indirect mode of communication with my ex crush without any problems. All 3 of us are in different colleges. further, i got to know that my ex crush actually is quite overfriendly in nature, means that she has a nature like this of talking nicely. she is very good hearted. please also note that my love used to be quite a bit platonic kind of, I am a philosphical person and do not believe in materialism especially in context of love.

  • Ethics are a matter of opinion, which makes asking for the most ethical way to do something primarily opinion based and not a good fit for any Stack Exchange site.
    – Tinkeringbell
    Mar 31 at 20:05
  • I do not understand why you are so upset. Is it really so bad that you would try to cut friendship with her? I think you are being overly dramatic. May 17 at 13:30
  • @BentleyCarpenter I think I am feeling a bit overdramatic, cant help much. but It would be nicer if it just ends(I know I am sounding selfish, but still...)
    – Ritil
    Jun 20 at 20:32


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