I just started a new culinary business and it will make me look more credible to have more positive reviews and likes on my business facebook page but I don't get a lot of exposure so it's going slower than I was hoping for. I nicely asked some of my friends, customers and coworkers who tasted and liked my food to leave a review but some said they would and didn't.

How do I ask for leaving more feedback on social media without being a nag?


Having worked in a small culinary start-up I would recommend not fishing for positive online reviews. It's not necessarily a great look if you end up with a bunch of fake-ish positive reviews.

I'm sure if you check around on Facebook, or the like, you'll notice reviews that come across as a little forced or they look like they were written by employees or friends. Give your future customers some credit, these things often look like what they are.

Good reviews, particularly in the culinary business, tend to be more organic and accumulate slowly over time. Be patient. If your product speaks for itself, the word will travel naturally and the reviews will come along as well.


I wouldn't ask them more than once and maybe not even ask them directly, but rather something like

I would be glad if you left a review on our ... page!

This way, you don't come off as nagging and they feel not obliged to write one. You are just saying, that you would be glad and don't demand them to do that. This way, they may actually be a bit more inclined to do so, because they don't feel like you annoyed them. It's short and they don't need to respond, so even less awkward for them.

So they were willing, but didn't. Usually, that's because they forget about it or think that it is too laborious. So the somewhat un-IPS-like solution would be to make it as easy and convenient as possible - e. g. a good site with up to date information, that they would check anyway before visiting you (e. g. informing people about general open/closing times or some special cases, when your place is closed, menu card etc.). This costs some effort and may take some time, but people learn that it's a reliable source of information.

This would give you an even subtler approach, like

Check our ... page for up to date information, where you can also leave feedback, if you like.

Ready with business cards containing this information also.

The drawback of my approach is, that it is not especially forcing (but then it's hard not to appear nagging).

My qualification is that of a customer, not of a business owner.

  • Sometimes I just remind or jokingly say "It would be nice if they left nice feedback" but I don't bring it up too often. I think that maybe the other answer given here makes sense too, maybe I shouldn't force the reviews and wait for them to be posted naturally. Because I am just getting started, I'm mainly trying to get my name out there right now – sillygilz Nov 2 '17 at 16:56

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