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How to use Social Penetration Theory to increase closeness with someone who doesn't normally talk about their feelings

I recently heard about Social Penetration Theory where the basic principle is that "in relationships, as people disclose more about themselves over time, those relationships develop layer by layer, ...
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What impact does "mirroring" have on other people?

Mirroring is mimicking the body language of the person you are talking to. It is sometimes recommended for people to help "break the ice." But how does it create a positive impression? What do ...
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What is "holding space" and how do I do it?

I recently came across an article titled A Man's Guide To "Holding Space", which was linked in an answer to this question. I had never heard the term before, but recognised some of my own ...
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What are some possible ways to maintain multiple friendships/friendship circles?

Context I'm in my early twenties. Most of my friends are either at the tail-end of their university degrees or have recently started working (I fall into this group). I have around 2 social friend ...
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Does talking about mildly taboo topics with people normalize the subject for them?

There are a lot of topics in daily life that many people avoid mentioning outright because they're slightly "icky" or it's considered "private" or somehow mildly taboo. One of these things I've run ...
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Why do people want eye contact when talking?

A lot of people think that having eye contact when talking to someone is important, but why is that? Why don't we look at the mouth or hands or the whole face or body instead? Why are we supposed to ...
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Is there any research showing whether sandwich feedbacks are more effective than other forms of feedback?

So, I've been taught to 'sandwich feedback'. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, it means you start and end with giving compliments, and put the feedback in between those compliments. For ...
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