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Questions tagged [acceptable-behavior]

To be used for questions where one or more parties are engaging in behaviour considered to be outside of the social norm - or questions about what the acceptable behaviour is in a given situation

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5 votes
3 answers

How do I tell my sister that her daughters should not use their smart phones in church?

I am part of a family in which I and my siblings were all raised Christian and our parents took us to church every week. Our parents expected us to behave in church and to try our best to listen ...
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How to help a friend determine if they are happy or just settling in a long term relationship?

Through my years until recently I have had friends or just known people who have been in relationships that they generally considered long term and committed, but were open (at least to me) about the ...
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1 answer

How to deal with a toxic group leader?

So I'm in this group of friends that have been around for a few years, over a few interactions I have developed a toxic relationship with one of the people in this group. I have tried to talk to him ...
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How to make my entourage understand that I'm not a technical support [duplicate]

I'm a 20 years old programmer and everyday comes with this person asking me for help to configure his iCloud, fix his printer, remove a virus, and other tasks like that. Yesterday my father comes ask ...
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How should I behave after I was caught cheating in a test to convey that I'm truly remorseful? [closed]

Last month I was caught carrying some cheat sheets during an engineering semester examination, not because I was afraid of failing but because I was afraid of forgetting a few key formulae and ...
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4 answers

Etiquette at communion for someone who is not religious

I'm an agnostic young adult living in America A few years ago my family and I were at a Lutheran church because my cousin was becoming a pastor. Throughout the whole ceremony I did what I saw others ...
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How to bring a student back to studies? [closed]

I teach a 9th grade student. The problem is she is very talkative and doesn't pay attention on her studies as her final exams are near. Her parents are also very much worried about her. Whenever I ask ...
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2 answers

How to handle negative campaign about me by a colleague [closed]

I have a colleague, with whom I need to spend the most of my time. I personally feel that this person is not mature enough and does loose talk with others. I am a very silent person and not prefer ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How to talk to friend about changing his behaviour towards his girlfriend?

A friend of mine, let's call him Bob, is in a relationship with a girl, Sarah. He is 24, she is 19. They live together with her 4 year old child. They often struggle financially and I, as I'm better ...
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58 votes
3 answers

Addressing arrogant attitude from a coworker as a teamleader

Note This question takes place in the workplace, but I think (for reasons outlined below) that it is a better fit here than workplace.stackexchange. I'll happily close and move though if that seems ...
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3 answers

Letting roommates know I put up with them more than they put up with me

I recently moved into a new apartment with 2 other roommates. Both of them are around 4-5 years elder to me, if not more. They do treat me as a younger colleague. I would have expected that this ...
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3 votes
3 answers

How to handle situations which demands odd behavior [closed]

Consider the following 2 scenarios: After entering either a big shopping complex or high rated restaurant, there will be a queue and have to wait till our turn and buy/order items and then exit after ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to make my friend realize he is a toxic person and he really has to change?

I'll try to make this as short and clear as possible. Background I've known this person for about 8 years but I wasn't as mature and perceptive when I first met him as I am now. We used to talk, ...
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34 votes
9 answers

How to tell a lady that she is doing wrong by inviting/feeding street dogs?

We, people of a multi-story apartment complex are fed up with this lady who calls herself a dog lover. She never takes steps to sterilize, vaccinate them, or arrange for their shelter or food. She ...
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3 answers

How to avoid endless corporate evening pubs but still have nice relationship with the colleagues?

Imagine yourself working in a company which has a team building tradition of going together to the pub on average two evenings a week and this is almost compulsory. But you do not get any pleasure ...
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1 answer

Procedure/Etiquette for No-Call No-Show Coworker [closed]

My coworker, superior, and friend did not show up to work this morning. What is the standard or accepted procedure for checking in on them? No-call no-shows are not taken lightly in this organization, ...
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How to handle the person touching repeatedly after multiple warnings?

South girls from India are conservative compared to north and I am a conservative girl. I feel very uncomfortable if any guy(male) touches me. One guy from my batch usually stays with north girls, ...
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3 answers

How do I approach telling someone that they are not invited to an event that I am having?

I'm part of a tabletop RPG (roleplaying game) group, and I also happen to be the host, the organizer and the game master (read: the one who runs the game) of our weekly games. I got asked to help ...
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How to stop an unofficial housemate from leaving cigarette ends in our plates and cups?

I'm a student, living with four other non-students, who've all recently graduated. There's one girl, let's call her Sarah, who officially doesn't live here, but effectively does; she stays around all ...
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3 answers

How to ask someone to pay fees on time

As a tutor I have to ask students to pay their fees. Most of them pay the fees but almost at the end of the course. None pay within the first month or so. Most students feel urging them to pay their ...
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