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For questions about situations which are awkward for anyone concerned. This tag should be used when awkwardness is the key part of the problem.

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4 answers

How to handle people who don't get along on Stack Exchange?

Active users of Stack Exchange tend to frequent multiple sites and chat rooms, so it means we will tend to bump into the same people in different places. People don't always click, and will disagree ...
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21 votes
4 answers

How to nicely tell someone I am not interested in a second date?

I have a good friend who is absolutely cross with me, because, as he claims, I am all coding and no fun lately, as in 24/7. I also have rules about not dating at the workplace for obvious reasons, ...
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59 votes
10 answers

How do I indicate interest in going somewhere without inviting myself along?

Sometimes acquaintances or people that I would like to get to know better are setting up some sort of social gathering (bar, party, bowling, etc) and I am not explicitly invited. I know that if I ...
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Dealing with people who always try to prove you wrong in a conversation [closed]

Consider the following scenario: You have an acquaintance, who would probably be really good at turncoat (the game in which one person has to rapidly switch sides again and again on a topic). ...
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7 answers

How to ask my father in law to stop entering our house unannounced?

My father in law refuses to listen to our requests not to work in/on our house during weekdays. So, there's a bit of a backstory here. We bought a house 8 months ago, started renovating and during ...
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How can I recover from a bad first impression on the internet? [closed]

Here on Stack Exchange, I have a user with whom I believe I may have made a bad first impression. In general, I acted as a bit of an accidental jerk. Overwriting his edits, drastically changing the ...
17 votes
3 answers

When you feel like a conversation has gone on too long, how do you make it end? [closed]

In this question, one of the answers talks about ending conversations before they get awkward. Once you think a conversation is going to get awkward, how do you end it?
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How can I estimate the length of my responses or reactions to avoid wasting others' time?

I often notice for myself, as well as for certain other people, that depending on personality and some other subtle factors, there are types of people who (usually unintentionally) start over-...
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Lift etiquette - Should I talk to people who get in our lift?

We have lifts in our apartment block. Our lift goes to approximately 13 apartments, which is not a huge number. Some people I recognise, as they've owned their places since it was built (like me), ...
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25 votes
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How to respond when a friend mentions their financial issues?

I'm usually uncomfortable when a friend mentions her lack of money during a casual conversation. The topic of money itself doesn't make me uncomfortable, but the fact that I really don't know what to ...
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36 votes
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How to tell a friend I can see through her swimming suit

I (male) and a friend (female) went swimming in a public outdoor pool together. She met with another female friend there. When she (my friend) sat outside for a couple minutes the sun made her ...
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Dealing with TMI (Too Much Information)

Some people are natural "sharers". They have no qualms about giving the most intimate details of their lives, diseases, relationships, etc., to even casual acquaintances. One example was a ...
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What to talk about with a person you meet through a mutual friend on the bus? [closed]

It often happens to me, that I met some friend in the bus/tram/subway etc., but my friend is not alone, but with his/her friend (whom I don't know at all). We are talking about something, my friend ...
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What methods help to avoid "that awkward silence"? [closed]

Introverted people tend to become embarrassed either when approaching someone or when a certain topic in a conversation runs out. It is often followed by apparently "losing the ability to find a new ...
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