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For questions about specific interactions between people in Bangladesh, or questions about Bangladeshi culture.

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How can I ask my mother to give me privacy?

I'm a 19-year-old girl, who has a Facebook account. My mom respects my privacy most of the time, like she keeps out of my Instagram account, but always keeps logged in to my Facebook account. She ...
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Our maid is not allowing to work another maid

In Dhaka-Bangladesh, person, mostly women, worked as a maid. They worked for 2 hours approximately. Each day they work in many houses. One maid also works for us and her work is not good. We want to ...
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How to avoid giving my roommate a money loan?

I live in a hostel. My roommate is very disturbing. This is because he doesn't pay back his loans on time. But he pretends to be a good person to everyone by maintaining a good appearance and smile. ...
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