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Questions related to interpersonal acts during the time spent in cars.

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How do I make amends with someone I was unfairly upset with? [closed]

I took my car to be serviced at the dealer (yes yes they charge a fortune but I trust them and they have every incentive to do a good job so that I'll purchase another vehicle from them.) When I "...
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How to politely notify someone that they are not using proper car safety (possibly against the law)? [closed]

The title feel awkward, so if anyone can improve it, that would be great. Here's what I mean: Sometimes you walk along the street and see someone in a car without a seat belt. Let's assume it's ...
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Letting a stranger know I may have dinged their car?

As I was backing out of my apartment's parking lot yesterday morning, I thought I heard something behind me but didn't pay it any mind (I was in a hurry to get to work after all). This morning when I ...
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Is it rude to use a driveway to turn around in the road? [closed]

In Australia when I want to turn around in a street I sometimes use the driveway of private houses to turn in and then then back out again and go the reverse direction on the road. When I go in I don'...
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Is it rude to ask a Lyft driver if I can play an audiobook? [closed]

My daughter and I have been listening to an exciting audiobook while driving (How to Train Your Dragon). I had to take my car in for repairs, so I plan to pick her up from camp via Lyft (a competitor ...
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How to interact with a deaf/hard of hearing Uber driver

A friend of mine told me recently that he ordered an Uber, and while the car was coming, the app informed him that his driver was "deaf or hard of hearing." He was unsure of the proper etiquette for ...
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Politely ask friend to turn down car radio [closed]

I frequently ride with a friend with whom I get along quite well, except for one thing, and that is that it seems that his radio is always way too loud. I know he enjoys having the sound turned up, ...
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