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Dress code due to worry about staining lounge and homeware for casual get together

My friend is worried about potential staining and marking of her white and bright expensive lounge and other homeware goods. She is hosting a casual get-together with close friends at her home so she ...
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How to negotiate about drying clothes with someone from a culture who isn't used to it?

I live in a shared house. Recently someone from India moved in. Though we have an electric clothes dryer, some of my clothes are not suitable to put inside. For example, a few dress pants, swimsuit, ...
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Was it inappropriate for me to wear a qipao as a formal dress? [closed]

I wore a qipao to a holiday party earlier this year. I am an American with Vietnamese parents (They were born in Vietnam, escaped to America during the Vietnam War, and I was born in America) I do not ...
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How to Wear Headcovering In Public [closed]

If anyone gets upset with question, I apologize in advance. I am in USA and wish to wear headcovering when going outside or around unfamiliar people. Even at office I wish to wear headcovering. I ...
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If and how to point out wardrobe malfunction in someone of the opposite sex

Last night I was playing poker at the casino. A combination of where I was sitting, bright lighting overhead, and a poorly fitting blouse gave me a pretty full view of the inside of a dealer's shirt. ...
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Does the "never wear white to a wedding" rule of etiquette only apply to weddings attended in the United States?

As far as I have ever been aware, it has always been a rule of etiquette for a female guest to NEVER wear white when attending a wedding in the United States. It has always been my understanding that ...
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Is it appropriate for a non-Japanese person to wear a yukata when going to fireworks?

During the summer, many Japanese people go to fireworks or bonodori festivals wearing a "yukata": source As a non-Japanese person going to such events, should I refrain from using a yukata? I'm ...
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