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This tag should be used on questions where the main goal of the question is resolving an existing conflict.

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Putting pressure to get pending money from a client

An old client of mine says A owes me X amount. He is delaying payment for the past 3 weeks. One week he said - "His account is in an inactive state", and next week "He is in debt, he is ...
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How does a single person influence the team towards consensus and a positive change in team culture?

Background I am a software developer in a small team of half a dozen people. I am the member that has joined most recently (around 18 months) but am somewhat older than most of my colleagues. We work ...
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How can I explain my point to my father in an effective way without burning bridges?

The issue My father has lately made a few sexist (and other -ist) "jokes", in the form of what I came to learn are called "disparagement jokes". This has made me, and my wife, a ...
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How can two people with opposing & unwavering opinions again gather as a family without tension?

Players Noah & Emma are family as a result of their children marrying. Noah - Grandfather set in his ways and beliefs. Has strong influence over who can attend family gatherings. Emma - ...
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How do I explain moving out due to medical reasons to my roommate?

I need advice for a very specific situation, which I have described below. Context: I am a college student, and I live on-campus. Due to a bit of a space crunch on campus this year, the rules require ...
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How to avoid division without being divisive yourself?

I’m in a situation where I believe cohesiveness would be both sensible and desirable, in a “house divided against itself cannot stand” sense. The other parties, however, don’t see this. This is partly ...
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My boyfriend blocked me, I would like to make up with him

Background: I have been dating my boyfriend for almost four years. We are a long distance couple. Basically my boyfriend blocked me on all social media because I have overreacted on him. That was two ...
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How to make amends with someone that I had a fallout with, after talking about a sensitive topic?

I have an acquaintance, John, that I have known for a number of years. John and myself are both a part of a social media group made up of a number of friends and mutual friends. Recently I had a ...
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How to quickly tell if someone is an asker or guesser?

I realised that most of my interpersonal conflicts arise when I (an asker) ask a guesser questions that they find uncomfortable answering. To overcome this, I am thinking that when I meet a new person,...
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Could keeping score help in conflict resolution?

TL;DR: We've all heard that you shouldn't keep score in a relationship. It leads to misunderstandings and arguments. But here's the thing - we already have a lot of arguments. Could keeping score at ...
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How to encourage girlfriend to apologize more?

My girlfriend and I have been together for a bit more than 2 years now. At this point, our relationship is stable and we feel good about each other's company. However, there's one thing that really ...
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Handling Christians' unpleasant feedback on non-Christian Beliefs? [closed]

A question was asked on the Buddhism stack that garnered a well written answer from the Buddhist point of view, comparing Jesus and Buddha to highlight similarities. However, I'm interested in a ...
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How to resolve a conflict between the beliefs of establishment scientists/researchers and my evidence?

So I've had this computer architecture idea for a while. I've made some other posts about this on academia and may make one on EE stackexchange, and I hope I don't come off as bitter. The thing is, I ...
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If I find one person hard to understand, how can I encourage a second person to try and explain?

I am part of a small friends group that (used to) routinely meet. Something happened that I am unsure how I feel about. Bob asked me to attend a "meeting" with him and Joe. I was not told what the ...
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How to talk with girlfriend about avoiding events because of other people?

Me and my girlfriend were invited to a common friend's farewell party (this friend is going to live in another country). She does not want to go because some people I've been romantically involved in ...
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Reaching a Resolution with Girlfriend on using Hard Drugs Once a Year [closed]

If there is a Stack site this question is better suited for, please advise. I consider it relevant to interpersonal skills because it centers on the skill of negotiating/resolving a disagreement ...
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Wife hanging out with her brothers, makes husband jealous

I have a friend who is recently married. My friend loves both her husband and her brothers. Frequently, she goes out with her husband and her brothers for a movie night or shopping. During these ...
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Explain to group of friends that I will not show empathy to other friend

Recently, a person in our group of friends, let's call her Rachel, was involved in a car accident. The problem is, she was drunk and driving a stolen car. To give a bit more details : there were two ...
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Expressing my disappointment over unreturned items

I lent something to a friend for a while (several months) and I asked to get it back but I don't get it back. I asked again and again over the course of a couple of months, but the friend has various ...
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How to help spouse improve her cooking, without making her feel overly criticized?

I'm at a loss here, I love my wife, she's a hard worker and a great support for me in basically everything. But when it comes to food I don't know what to do. I think she has the capacity to be just ...
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How to deal with neighbor with vendetta [closed]

We've lived in our house for 11 years. The house to the south of us is a small rental bungalow while we live in a 3 bedroom obviously family home. Shortly after the newest renter moved in, we got a ...
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2 answers

How to explain a failure caused by someone else without acting defensively or as a bad colleague?

I know there's a workplace forum, but I think I can get better answers here. I work on projects. I always have the main boss (let's call them A), who remains the same over time, but the project ...
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How to ask a man to not take up more than one seat on public transport while avoiding conflict?

I live in a big city (in Paris, France) and take public transportation every day. I'm perceived as a woman and I will sometimes have to sit near people who spread out and take up more space than just ...
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Friend is very nitpicky about side comments I don't intend to be taken too seriously

I have a close friend who seems to hyper-analyze some things I say and gets upset with things he thinks I didn't give much thought to. One example is: we were hanging out and talking about card ...
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How to mend a friendship when my friend thinks I'm in the wrong and I don't wish to apologize

I just created this account because I really don't know how to deal with this. A close friend and I have been talking for a few months about her coming to my hometown for the summer, but we didn't set ...
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Helping my mom accept that I can't be available as much as she wants

My mom moved to the same city as my wife and I about 5 years ago. It's always been a bit rocky, but there is probably one theme that comes up the most regularly. To put it simply, her expectations ...
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How to apologize to a friend I hurt two years ago without scaring them?

I have a friend I met back in elementary school. We didn't talk for awhile but got reacquainted in high school, and at that time, we became friends on FB. I liked to send stuff to her if I found ...
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How to respond to complaints from strangers about my loud toddler?

Yesterday we did grocery shopping in our local supermarket, as every week. Normally, my dad would babysit my son (2.5 years) for this time, but it was not possible, so the child joined us. My son was ...
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How can I communicate to my wife my concerns about her spending habits? [duplicate]

Some context to begin with: My wife and I have been married for two years now. I earn around 2500€ after taxes, and she used to earn around 1500€ after taxes. We both share one bank account, by the ...
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How can I get my wife to be less spendthrift?

I am married for 15+ years and working at an Indian technology company. These days, layoffs have been so frequent in my industry; for instance at my company they happened twice in the last three ...
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How to bring up old problems

Situation When I talk to people, sometimes they will insult me, mock me or, make fun of me but I miss that this is what they are doing and laugh along with them. I do not do this all the time, I ...
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