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For situations in which at least two of the involved parties come from different cultural backgrounds.

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2 answers

Demonstrating my intentions (date/relationship) while dealing with cultural differences

I'm having problems figuring out how to move forward with a girl I like. About me I'm in my mid 20's, about low to average in appearance and style, heavy thinker, introverted, and shy person. I find ...
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38 votes
7 answers

Is there a Russian etiquette on declining offers of food when visiting someone?

I'm 15 years old, living in Israel. Occasionally, I visit senior citizens on their birthdays - bringing balloons and stuff, with a few other people. These people who we visit are usually older ...
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How to address a Korean co-worker?

My current employer is a global software company with offices in several continents. The company tries to maintain a culture of conviviality. Our main communication medium is text chat in English ; ...
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