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Used when the separation of two married partners is affecting the situation in question.

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How can I support someone I don't really know through a divorce?

A person I know online from a writing site recently had her parents get divorced. I first messaged her about a month or two ago, probably mid December before Christmas. As far as I can tell, which isn'...
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How to help my mother accept my relationship with a soon-to-be-divorced man?

My boyfriend is a 33-old, separated from his wife but not divorced yet and dad of 2 little girls. I am 25yo. Despite this particular family situation, our relationship has quickly become serious and ...
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How do I respond to a person that says they are everyone's scapegoat?

TL;DR: My dad is an un-diagnosed very likely covert narcissist and at the last counseling meeting, he declared that he felt that everyone made him the instant scapegoat. (which isnt't true, because ...
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How can I find out if my in-laws want to get back together?

My in-laws split a few years ago. The reason wasn't anything big (at least to my opinion) but this is not the point... My wife has spoken with both recently and they both seem to regret getting ...
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Breaking up well

Long story short, my ex and I split on pretty poor terms a couple months ago. They cheated again, I moved out, and now they're moving in with the person they cheated with... I'm trying to "break up ...
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When should I tell others that I'm divorced/separated? [closed]

While at the moment I am technically still married, I have been separated from my ex for eight months or so, with divorce pending. In certain situations, I find myself unsure of when/if to tell ...
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How to have a better relationship with (soon to be) ex-wife [closed]

After a highly toxic 10+ year relationship and two children, aged 6 & 3, my wife and I separated. There was wrong on both sides, however the way she ended the relationship was particularly ...
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I have been asked to keep a secret about a surprise that I believe will end poorly

My parents have been divorced for roughly 40 years. The separation was unpleasant, as divorces frequently are, but so were the following decades. They have not spoken to each other outside of a ...
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