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For situations where at least one of the involved parties is eating and/or food is an important factor for the question.

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Dealing with a Colleague who never stops eating

At the moment I am working with one other person in an office. I have no complaints about him, but he eats continually and quite loudly. The problem is he mostly eats bags of snacks and nibbles so it ...
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Team goes to lunch frequently, I do intermittent fasting but still want to socialize

I've joined a new team at work as of a few weeks ago. I'm getting along well with the people I've met and I enjoy their company. There is a fairly big going out to lunch culture on the team. Groups ...
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How to make a new trainee feel comfortable at lunch?

Today, one of my coworkers "tasked" me to eat with the new trainee (so that she won't eat alone since my colleague wasn't available for lunch). I wanted this person to feel comfortable so I ...
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What is the etiquette for asking whether someone has a special diet

Is there an etiquette for asking if there are certain things a person does not want or cannot eat? If I cook for a group of people, is it on them to tell me about it, or do I ask them? If it's on me ...
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How can I explain a phobia when travelling to a non-English speaking country?

I considered putting this question into the Travel stackexchange but this issue feels like it's more to do with interpersonal skills and communication than actually travelling. I'm happy for it to be ...
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How to communicate to my mother that I find it hurtful when she cooks dessert for everyone except me who is vegan?

TL;DR When my mom bakes a cake for us (whoever is at home but it's usually me, my little sister, my father and her), she uses eggs (which are not vegan), even if I will be there. How can I tell her ...
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Is it acceptable to violate table manners in public due to my disability?

I have a tremor, which varies in intensity. I recently ordered a sandwich at a restaurant, which was pretty easy to eat, but I gave up trying to eat the salad, because I was unable to do so with a ...
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How can I ask a guest to order within my budget at a restaurant?

My charity asked me to treat a donor to a lunch. My charity recommends a modest, but respectable restaurant that befits its pre-tax budget of $100/guest for lunch, unless the donor specifies one. My ...
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How can I be more persuasive when assuring people that I am perfectly fine and healthy?

For most of my life, I have had problems keeping up with eating "normal" amounts of food at meals. I feel full way faster than many friends. I still eat enough, as I am not even considered underweight ...
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How to prevent misunderstandings about food with hungry people?

Yesterday, a group of families whom I've known for a while along with mine went out for dinner together. The families are united in their common language and culture, and we often go out together. ...
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How do I tell my friend that his behaviour is odd?

Recently I've been reconnecting with an old friend from university and we've met up a few times in public locations for coffee etc. We've been getting along really well but I've noticed one aspect of ...
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How do I tell someone that a cultural practice is unsanitary and they should stop?

One time, we had a short-mid-term guest. One of their habits is scooping food from jars and other containers with a spoon that just came from their mouth - peanut butter, Nutella, mayonnaise, ...
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I'm a bibimbap heretic - can I eat my food the way I want without coming off as disrespectful?

I enjoy bibimbap. In American Korean restaurants, bibimbap is typically served as a large bowl of rice with individual portions of each topping arranged over it, like so. The traditional way to eat ...
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Girlfriend, vegetarianism and me not wanting to change

Me and Alice are back. This is somewhat related to another one of my questions but more about me this time. I have planned to visit my girlfriend Alice in a few months, during which I will be staying ...
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How can I politely tell a family who invited me for dinner that I'm still hungry?

This is about a friend's family and what would often happen during dinners (mom in her 50's, dad in his 60's). Examples One time, the mom had cooked 1 packet of ravioli for 5 people, and she urged ...
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How can I help my partner with her body image without offending her?

I have been together with my girlfriend (let's call her Alice) for about one and a half years, with most part of it being long-distance due to her father working in another country and bringing the ...
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How can I politely say to my coworker that he should not comment on what I am eating [closed]

Problem: Every day, we are eating at a table of 10 people and there is a man that I like but who is not my friend, just a coworker that I only see during breaks who always comments on the food choices ...
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How to constructively engage a female friend with possible body image problems?

A few months ago, I happened to reconnect with one of my friends, and noticed she was thinner than I remember. She had always been a thin girl, but now she looked even more so. Just yesterday I saw ...
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How to politely stress that I do not wish to eat something?

A couple of weeks ago me and my partner decided to change our diet/lifestyle to a mostly plant based diet. It has made us feel much better and happier. We make the occasional exception here and there ...
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How to approach my spouse about their weight gain?

My spouse is and has always been quite overweight. From the beginning it was no problem for me, I just don't mind. Yet, since we've been living together, my spouse somehow put on a lot of weight (...
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How can I stop my friend from replying "anything" when asking them what they'd like to eat?

I always go to lunch with a friend from work. We have at least 6 places where we regularly eat, with 2 of them being the most common. Sometimes I get bored of the same place, and I ask him where to ...
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How to politely defer conversation until I've finished my food?

Situation Lets say John and Peter are classmates. Peter eats slowly, and talks a lot while at it. John cannot enjoy the food while talking, so he prefers to finish off all courses and continue ...
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How can I support a friend with healthy weight loss?

I caught up with a friend recently, and she mentioned that she is trying to lose weight (she is overweight). She told me about the program she is using for it which sounded great and supportive. But ...
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How do you deal with someone using hands or wrong utensil in buffet line?

This is one of several buffet etiquette questions which came up on a recent holiday. When in a buffet queue (line) how should you respond to someone in front of using their hands or a serving spoon ...
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How to tell someone that they are eating with their mouth open?

I'm from France and I've been educated with "eating manners" I consider "normal" (chew with your mouth closed, don't put your elbows on the table, wait until everyone is served before starting to eat.....
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What to do when someone serves chicken after you told them you are vegetarian? [closed]

This question opens a broad spectrum of sub-questions such as religious standards (halal, kosher); health-related (gluten intolerance); and lifestyle/ethical questions (vegetarian). Therefore, I will ...
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