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What statements or actions should be avoided while quitting or being fired from a job? [closed]

There is a large body of information specifying what types of statements should and should not be made during encounters with the police, as these interpersonal communications have the potential to ...
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How to decline after-work meeting requests from my manager, after setting a precedent of accepting them if pushed long enough to do so?

I am working for a client, fulltime, on another company's behalf. I have a manager on the company side that's fond of organizing 'extra-curricular' activities: Meetings organized outside of work hours ...
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How to communicate with employees when requesting documents to minimize response time?

I often face the following scenario: I need to ask for a document, a piece of information or make a request to an employer of a company/organization whose job includes responding to people like me. ...
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How to get an employee to think more independently?

I have an employee (my first), and I give them tasks to do. However, often they will do the task in a way that officially meets the description I gave but doesn't exactly do what I want, because I ...
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How to say 'NO', When someone offer you better opportunity with better salary?

I am a professional Magento Developer, and I have completed my one year and continue my next one year bond. When someone offers you a better opportunity with a better salary but you have to continue ...
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How to turn down a promotion in new job? [closed]

I'm a software developer with 4+ years of experience. I'm moving out of my current company and get a better offer (both in pay and role) from another company. I'm socially awkward and try to avoid ...
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Coping or Treatment Strategies for Avoidance Behavior?

I am wondering how I can help an individual overcome counter-productive avoidance behavior. For example, let's say a woman (let's call her Jane) works in an office where her boss once became ...
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How to decline a job offer from a previous employer, without burning bridges?

A little over a year ago I changed my job. Now my previous employer (a small startup) has contacted me asking what it would take for me to come back. While the place was not at all bad and I left on ...
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How to deal with an employer who doesn't know what he wants [closed]

I recently took a freelancing job (fixed price, not per hour) to develop a certain aspect of a WordPress site. I was really interested in this project and was excited to learn WordPress, brush up on ...
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What can I do when I know someone is acting deliberately but pretending otherwise so I cannot confront them without looking bad? [closed]

I work at an institution of higher education. One of our employee benefits is a generous tuition reimbursement if we take classes here. I decided to take advantage of this and go back to school, ...
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How to deal with an employer's backhanded compliments?

This is no longer a problem, as he has moved on and I have retired, but I still don't know how it could/should have been handled. I'll write it in the present tense, though. My employer in the ...
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