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Questions that have a specific focus on people in the European region, more specifically when it is not necessary to use country-specific tags (such as [united-kingdom]).

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Stopping a relationship with a good friend because It's too overwhelming and new for me

Context : I'm in my early forties and I've always been a loner and never really made friends. Until recently I didn't even know what was so great about them. I don't have any problems socializing, ...
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How can I best let my once-close friend know that I think our friendship is over--if at all? [closed]

My once-closest friend and I have seriously drifted apart. It's come as far as that I do not want to invest any more energy in the friendship and I'd prefer it to just quietly end. I am unsure, ...
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What could you possibly say to a friend who cooked a meal you didn't enjoy at all?

Some friends invite you to their home. There's just the 4 of you (2 couples). S/he is cooking. At the end, s/he is asking you how was the meal s/he made for you. You didn't enjoy it at all, food was ...
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How can I talk to my boyfriend about chores "sharing"?

Background I have been living with my boyfriend for three months. Both of us are working as trainees in different companies, but while he has 2 hours of daily commuting, I can reach my workplace ...
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How can I notice if someone is speaking with sarcasm or irony?

I ask this question from a European country; consider your answers this way. Some people are unable to differentiate serious talking, jokes, and irony or sarcasm. Specifically for the latter, as it's ...
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How do I react when a girl I like has a new haircut that I don't like very much? [closed]

I've had a past teenage experience (~10 years ago) where a girl I liked (only friends) asked me about whether I liked her fake nails. I answered honestly and say I didn't like them at all and prefer ...
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How to communicate to my co-workers that they don't have to say "bless you" when I sneeze?

I am slightly annoyed by my co-workers who say "bless you" everytime I sneeze. It feels awkward to me to reply with a "thank you". I usually only thank people when they really ...
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How to properly reject an intimate suggestion?

This question comes from a situation that was quite a while ago. At the time I was 16, while I'm 22 now. I'm a guy and was at my girlfriend’s house while we were cuddling. She suggested that I touched ...
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How do I tell someone that I need to fire him for lack of talent?

I messed up. Hiring good programmers is a hard problem, and I failed. A few weeks have passed since the new replacement for the junior developer position started, and it is becoming increasingly ...
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How to refer to someone by name in an online community?

Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but I'm not familiar with the "First Name" and "Last Name" system, although I know last name means "family name". Case 1 Suppose someone use his real name as an ...
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How to ask my partner not to postpone chores?

We've been living together for about a year. Things don't always go as well as they should due to my partner postponing chores A LOT. I on the other hand like to be organised as doing things on time ...
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How to tell a colleague to take care of how he looks

I am working in a software consultancy company, and our job has a good deal of direct interaction with clients. We are a very international bunch of people, but we are based in Germany, and all our ...
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What to do if my family keeps trying to fix my relationship with a family member?

I've been estranged from my abusive mother for some time now. We always had problems and she suddenly stopped talking to me, which by no means upset me - I've been feeling better after this, because ...
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How to tell flatmate that one of her visitors often leaves the toilet in a dirty state?

My flatmate and me are very good friends. Both me and her put a lot of emphasis on cleanliness in our whole apartment (what is suiting completely fine). For a few days her family stays here for a ...
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How can I politely ask my money back? [duplicate]

I lent some money to a friend two months ago, in order to help him start his own job. He asked me if I could give him 350€ to pay some workers that had done some wall painting at his place, and that ...
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