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How does one give critical advice without killing morale?

I've been tasked with tutoring some people, and after some sessions, I gave quite negative feedback to someone, and killed their morale. I tried to say the negative feed back in a "nice way"....
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How to provide feedback when my mother tries new recipes, in a way that doesn't upset her but still allows for honesty?

This has been a thing since I was a kid, but I experienced it again tonight. My mother has always done the cooking at home, it's also something she won't give up. She's the kind of person that would ...
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How can I convey negative feedback in a positive and constructive way?

Imagine walking into a restaurant to look at a menu and instead of saying "I'll have a think about it" and wander off, you instead said "actually, I've found a place for cheaper so I'm going there now"...
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How to tell my CTO that his design ideas are not good?

I have been working remotely with a developer that has become my main and only partner in a business project - a website - I have. I am the CEO and I'd like him to be the CTO if this becomes a bigger ...
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How can I find out how many photos I should take If I'm given a film camera to take a picture?

On occasion, when I go to tourist hotspots, people sometimes give me their cameras and ask me to take pictures of them. Most of the time, those are digital camera (e.g. smartphones), and it makes ...
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How to help spouse improve her cooking, without making her feel overly criticized?

I'm at a loss here, I love my wife, she's a hard worker and a great support for me in basically everything. But when it comes to food I don't know what to do. I think she has the capacity to be just ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Negative feedbacks and "Language smoother"

I don't know what is the "scientific" term for that but I noticed that, when people give negative feedback, they sometimes use "tricks" to make their words less harsh. For example, they will use ...
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8 votes
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How can I ask my coworkers for candid feedback on something I said?

Situation My team at work uses online chat extensively, since we're spread out over a few locations. There are also some people in the chatroom who aren't directly on our team but work on closely ...
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3 answers

How to invite my band-members/coworkers to give me feedback on my performance?

I recently joined a music band that's composed of four colleagues with who I don't work (different projects & teams), but I know them well since we have lunch and banter next to the watercooler ...
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How should I ask people to stop over explaining things?

Most people that I interact with on a daily/regular basis seem to need to over explain and qualify every statement. An example would be: I'm heading out shortly and your car is blocking the drive. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is it too intrusive to ask about a customer's success with a product?

Currently, I sell hatching eggs as a small in home business. I've been having a 90% hatch rate with my own eggs this year but I have been looking into collecting data on the hatch rates of my ...
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2 answers

How to ask for honest opinion of my teammates

I'm student from Polish university. One of my projects require big team (10 students) and one of us is manager. This role was offered to me and I accepted it. I am responsible for assigning tasks to ...
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Is there any research showing whether sandwich feedbacks are more effective than other forms of feedback?

So, I've been taught to 'sandwich feedback'. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, it means you start and end with giving compliments, and put the feedback in between those compliments. For ...
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