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Questions related to interpersonal skills in a friend group. Use this tag to ask about various skills that are commonly needed in a group of friends.

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Two people from small group of friends want to have a "meeting" with me. The circumstances are strange and give me a bad feeling

I have a small group of friends that get together and hangout. Usually we hangout on Fridays. We usually go to the same person's home. One person from this group (call him Bob) contacted me. He said ...
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Joining an existing group of friends

Many times we try to blend in with some friend's friends. However, being accepted into that group of friends is not so simple, for a few reasons. While hanging around that group does allow someone ...
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What to do with a friend who cheats in games?

What to do with a friend who slightly improves his chances in the card or board games we play, by, for example, picking another card while we don't look or turning the dice? The games are played for ...
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How to encourage conversations beyond small talk with close friends

I had 2 friends in high school, and we were quite close. Then college life started, and we went to different colleges. One of them went to a college out of state. And so there was no physical contact ...
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How to convince friends to assist me in telling a friend that we will be continuing with a group activity without him?

A group of my friends often play semi-long term strategy video games together online. These games often span several play sessions a couple of times a week over a few months. Recently, one of my ...
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How should I deal with my friend's anger issues? [closed]

The Situation Almost every day I'm spending time with my group of friends, among them one I will call John. Together, we often play videogames. When playing, John gets very easily upset by things ...
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How to handle very opinionated and aggressive friend?

A bit of background first I've been hanging with the same circle of friends for roughly 10 years now, we're quite a diverse bunch in terms of opinions, and it often sparks debates. Usually, everything ...
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How do I tell my friends that I want to be included in activities beyond our gaming sessions without alienating them?

I'm approaching a social situation now where I'm straddling the line of authority figure and friend, and while I think I have a plan set to address this, I'd like some input from others, get some ...
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Dealing with friends are attempting to recruit me for a job

I'm going to leave as many details out as possible to keep this anonymous since they are in tech, but here we go: I have some friends who are starting their own company. They have some small capital, ...
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How to deal with a toxic group leader?

So I'm in this group of friends that have been around for a few years, over a few interactions I have developed a toxic relationship with one of the people in this group. I have tried to talk to him ...
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Friend of a friend trying to coerce me to quit smoking

I play badminton with my roommate Scott regularly in a nearby court. Sometimes he brings his office colleagues to play. One of his friend Amy joins us from time to time. I would say I don't know her ...
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Colleague making me feel bad over a game

A group of colleagues and I are friends outside of work. We like to go out together. We found out most of us play the same online team-based, player vs player game. We added each other as friends and ...
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How to establish boundaries in a friendship when the friend does not understand, while preserving mutual friend group

Background: I am a guy who has traveled quite a bit across the U.S. and made a lot of friends due to an organization that I am a part of (not work related). Last year I went to visit some of these ...
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How to have someone work on being on time and communicate it if they're late?

I have a group of friends and one person is often late and gives misleading communication. Twice he made it sound likes he's close and "just parking his car" but takes another 20-30 minutes to arrive. ...
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Making brand new friends without coming across as needy [closed]

I live in a large city on the west coast of North America. There is a reputation for people here to be unfriendly. I'm trying to make new friends or even a new group of friends. The reason I am doing ...
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How to interact with someone whose close friend group seems to dislike you?

Here's the progression of events with me and this friend group: I met and dated a girl I met some of this girl's friends. I got along with them just fine. The girl wasn't romantically interested in ...
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How to make a group of friends when in a completely residential Indian university hostel? [closed]

I am twenty-four and will be joining a completely residential Indian university for post-graduation. I generally don't fall apart while making a first friend in my school or college life. However, I ...
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