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Use this tag for questions looking to identify interpersonal skills which can help another person with interpersonal issues. Questions must have a clear and specific goal!

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How to tell someone believing in pseudoscience & conspiracy theories is wrong without making them feel stupid/upset?

A close family member of mine is a raw vegan, anti vaxer, anti-antibiotics, anti-fluoride, believes in chemtrails, has a machine that filters water and makes it alkaline, eats lots of supplements, ...
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How to help my girlfriend get her confidence back? [closed]

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now, and while I consider her to be an amazing person, she has an extremely low opinion of herself, calling herself "worthless" or the ...
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How can I support a friend with healthy weight loss?

I caught up with a friend recently, and she mentioned that she is trying to lose weight (she is overweight). She told me about the program she is using for it which sounded great and supportive. But ...
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What to do if I/Someone I know is feeling depressed/suicidal? [closed]

As stated in the title, myself/someone I know is currently suffering from depression/suicidal tendencies and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to do?
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How to help someone who threatens self-harm over the internet? [closed]

I'm not sure if it belongs here but I'm at a loss. There's a woman in South Africa who doesn't have anyone to turn to. I'm trying to help talk her out of harming herself. She says she's lost ...
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How to tell a non-muslim friend that "Inter-faith Marriage not gonna work"?

I had a pretty religious (Christian) friend from the UK (of the same age as me - late 20's) and we often used to talk about Quran and Gospel (she had knowledge of both and so did I) and it leads to ...
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How to help a stranger (woman) in an abusive relationship?

I'm in an online support group for people with anxiety, depression and these kinds of things and, in this group, people would often post things about the difficult situation they are in. Recently, a ...
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How to help a friend that is suddenly socially withdrawn?

I have a friend who is usually has no issue with social life but suddenly decided to refuse any social activity, including their close friends. They are still meeting with close relatives and friends,...
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How to tell when a friend wants advice regarding their complaint?

Occasionally, friends will complain to me about various things. When they do, I feel bad about it, and attempt to offer various pieces of advice to try to fix the problem. My mindset is, in this ...
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How to respond to a flat-earther? [closed]

I wanted to provide evidence for a friend who recently shocked me with her views that the Elon Musk car in space was a fake. My answer to her that I trust people who specialize in the field to know ...
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