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Family of migraine patient - how to help kids understand violent outbursts of migraine patient (mother) in response to noise

I had assumed that my wife was a bad person due to the way she behaved when my daughter cried for any reason. She would get angry and even at times hit my daughter when she cried instead of consoling ...
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What is the proper etiquette for when someone you're not very close with is dealing with a terminally ill family member?

I'm currently enrolled in graduate school. I've been having a lot of trouble getting in touch with my advisor recently. He finally responded with apologies that he has been dealing with a terminally ...
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People assuming dead person's intentions

Background: My mom died about 1.5 years ago of cancer. I'm 31 and have always been a Mama's boy, I'm proud of it, I'm an extremely good cook, I can darn my socks and so on. Since my mom died tho, I ...
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How can I make it up to my best friend after I forgot her birthday?

TLDR; I’ve had a lot going on recently so forgot about my friend’s birthday until the following day and now she won’t speak to me. How do I fix it? TW for talk of depression So, the base of it is ...
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How to express sympathy to a very great friend whose father is dying very soon?

Right now I am confronted with a difficult situation where I want to ask for your empathetic recommendation. The father of one of my very best friends strongly suffers on cancer and is dying very soon ...
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Is it OK to wish someone who's terminally ill "Happy Birthday"? [closed]

Let's say Alice is dying and doctors have told her she's only got 5 years left to live. It's her birthday today. Is it OK to wish her happy birthday, or will it just remind her that she's got one ...
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How do I tell my wife that a family member has just died with an illness they both have?

My wife has multiple sclerosis. Fortunately, hers is of the relapsing-remitting variety, which is one of the milder (in the long term) ones, and her treatment is doing wonders for her; she's only had ...
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How do you open/close a friendly personal message to somebody with a terminal illness? [closed]

Somebody I have a close but not entirely personal relationship with (think long time boss, landlord, doctor, etc.) was recently diagnosed with grade 3 brain cancer, ending their career. I sent them a ...
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Dementia: How to cut off useless advice to a caregiver from well meaning people?

My husband has moderate dementia. The exact cause has been variously diagnosed, but it is probably not Alzheimer's. I haven't broadcast the fact, but, of course my friends and some of my closer ...
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How to invite terminal ill / very sick friends to a party?

My grandparents will be celebrating 65 years of marriage in a few months. The anniversary is celebrated with a big party for the extended family and my grandparents' friends. Many of my ...
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Alternative to "Get well soon" card for terminally ill?

My children would like to make a "get well soon" card for a family member. However, this person is terminally ill. What's an alternative message that conveys a similar sentiment?
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Sick grandparent(s) moved in and are now inciting anger and stress

We're a family of three, my mom, my dad and I. My dad's father has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and, based on what we know so far, there's no chance for a recovery and not much life is ...
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Disclosing medical condition on relationship start

I'm 30, male, been with an IBD somewhere in between UC and Chrons since I was a teenager, during the past 10 years I've had several big operations and many small ones. I've had an ileostomy (I'm ...
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Sty on my eye, how to handle a meeting with my lecturer? [closed]

Today I had a rather larger sty on my lower eyelid, big enough that you could unmistakably see it within a couple of metres. I also had a meeting with my lecturer, that I needed to go to in order to ...
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Chronic illness at work; navigating genuine "how are you?" questions

I'm a 23-year-old woman in the United States. I have several chronic illnesses that in turn manifest in more short-term symptoms. I doubt all the particulars are actually relevant here (correct me if ...
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Should you wish someone luck with a health problem? [closed]

For specificity let's say an acquaintance you don't know very well is dealing with a health problem (not terminal or debilitating) that they are undergoing treatment for and that you won't see them ...
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