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For questions regarding to instant messaging, a messaging service where the the receiver receives the message almost instantly, and as such allows the 2 (or more) people to have a conversation via the service. An example of this service are things such as Messanger, Snapchat or Twitter.

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2 answers

How to tell a parent to stop spamming?

Background: My father and I live in different countries. I moved a few years ago on account of my job. My father is a curious person who likes to read and understand whatever he can find. He retired a ...
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How do I chase a teacher who hasn't replied to my messages despite reading them?

I'm studying a course remotely, and sent my teacher a message on Teams about 10 days ago now, asking a question. No response, but I can see the read receipt. Hoping to prompt a reply, I asked another ...
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How to save face and apologize after a text was taken the wrong way?

Okay, so our coaching has a discussion forum for all members to post questions related to our studies. The group is on Telegram, where I'm registered with a gender-neutral username and a profile pic ...
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2 answers

How can I continue a conversation in an old, unreplied message thread?

I am sometimes too busy or too tired and for whatever reason, I tend to miss replying to people's texts, especially if it's non-work-related. I also juggle several instant messaging applications, so ...
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What should I take into consideration when resuming conversations online after an extended lack of contact?

I've been exchanging messages online with someone of the opposite gender for an extended time now. We live in different countries. I think we get along fairly well, and there have been situations ...
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How do I respond to my doctor's message in which she mentions she's doing voluntary work? [closed]

I WhatsApp'd my British doctor to ask for an appointment, and she responded along the lines of Thank you for your message. I'm really happy to see you but I'm doing voluntary work in [country]. I'...
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3 answers

How can I politely point out to a non-native English speaker that they have used the wrong word?

I do a lot of communication through text, often with people who are not native speakers of English. Spelling and grammar mistakes can be quite common when speaking a non-native language and when I see ...
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How to respond to someone being late with a favor [closed]

A relative of mine is doing me a favor. I didn't ask him for it, he offered it, but I'm genuinely happy that he wants to do it for me. He promised me to do it this week, but today he sent me a message ...
66 votes
15 answers

How to let people know I don't appreciate being ignored in instant messaging?

When talking with people through instant messenger or texting, I find it rude when someone doesn't reply. The other day I had met up with someone I knew from school. He told me about a business idea ...
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1 answer

How to ask people not to send me voicemails via text messaging apps

I find listening to voicemails on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp very time consuming. In particular, the Facebook Messenger interface doesn't let me skip in the message if most of it is irrelevant to ...
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3 answers

Can I quote a private message in a public post?

In a public post in Reddit, I feel that the content of a private message sent to me is necessary to illustrate my point. I haven't asked them whether I should public it or not, but my reply on their ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to react to accidentally calling someone the wrong name

We've all been there, whether it's because they have a similar name, you've had someone else on your mind, or you just are tired and slipped up. It's always horrible calling a friend the wrong name (...
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1 answer

Guy I met very briefly won't stop messaging me

As the title says, there's a guy I met for five minutes several months ago who won't stop messaging me on Facebook. We're both (straight) guys, so it's not romantic, he just seems to want to shoot the ...
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What should I reply when someone sends me an extremely boring link? [duplicate]

I regularly get very boring links from my colleague/friend. I do not know how to react to this. Should I reply? What should I say when I do reply? Is it considered rude to just ignore and move on?
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7 answers

I sent an interesting link to a friend that he didn't ask for at all, and he replied with "thank you" - what should I reply?

I found some topic in the internet that I thought would be interesting to some friend; I know him well but he is not a close friend, we didn't hang out at all, we just met each other a few days at ...
19 votes
8 answers

Message being seen but not responded, what is the correct response?

I will sometimes ask a friend how their day was or another question via chat message. Sometimes the message will be marked as read but then they don't respond for a few day or even longer (6 months). ...
13 votes
3 answers

Can we use abbreviations in professional communication?

Is it good to use abbreviations in professional communication? I generally uses Mail or Skype to communicate with others. In that case, many times I used words such as ASAP, CTN, FYI etc. So when ...