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How can one respond effectively to accusations of hypocrisy while ensuring the accuser recognizes the behavior's significance? [closed]

There is a pattern of behaviour that I have seen that I will present here in general terms that I am sure other's must have noticed as well. The sequence of events is as follows: Person A regularly ...
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How to express a strong need for change both non-confrontative and sufficiently powerful?

I have a family member, let's call him Nathan, who is extremely good at deflecting criticism, blaming everyone else or roping in unrelated stuff to muddy a discussion about something uncomfortable to ...
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Is it acceptable to intrude a celebrity's conversation, if so, how to be tactful?

Recently, I was on a public book launch connected with an intellectual debate. There were many famous people whose face I know from the news, many of them I very much respect but have no actual ...
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Confronting mother being scammed from Online Dating [closed]

My parents divorced when I was in college after 23 years of marriage. A couple of years ago, my mom took to online dating. The first person she "met" scammed her out of a million dollars and then ...
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How to intervene in a random abuse/harassment situation?

To be clear, this is not a situation where it is an abusive relationship. This was an interaction that took place in an impromptu manner in a public setting. I was relaxing at an outdoor area in a ...
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How to take one to rehabilation center without telling him? [closed]

My dad drinks a lot and creates nuisances after that, when he's drunk. To try to end that I am planning to take him to a rehabilitation center. If we ask him to come with us, he won't. What is a ...
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