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Questions tagged [ireland]

Questions that have a specific focus on people in Ireland, or the Irish culture.

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10 votes
2 answers

How to gently and compassionately stop a stranger talking to you about their problems?

I recently dropped my wallet while shopping, reached out among local lost-and-found groups on Facebook, made contact with someone who found it and made arrangements with them to meet up so they can ...
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6 answers

My boyfriend has issues with his parents, how do I support him without ending up in his parents bad books? [closed]

Some Background My boyfriend (bf) is 21, living at home. He is the youngest of three boys (his brothers are 29 and 23 respectively, neither of them are at home much). His parents are 54 (mom) and 65 (...
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10 answers

How to get across to flatmates the reason behind not wanting to live with them again?

Some Background I am a 21 year old female, House mates ages: Alice is 21, Beth is 20 and Katie is 19, Obviously, the flatmates names have been changed to protect their anonymity We lived in a student ...
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4 answers

Work supervisor expects platitudes in response to his pleasantries, even when I'm miserable

I have been working at my job for over a year now and I have some minor but extremely annoying interpersonal issues with my boss. He's British and I'm Canadian but we are living in Ireland. I'm a ...
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How can I ensure people know 'What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch"

Preface: I am an incredibly passionate and competitive soccer player. I absolutely despise losing and I love a good physical and mental battle when playing on the pitch. Recently, a new friend of ...
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10 answers

How can I invite my daughter's friends over without being odd?

My daughter is turning 4 years old in August. She has been going to preschool since September. Her class is pretty small, with only 6 kids. She's good friends with most of them. She'll be joining them ...
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How can I convey to my technologically inept parents that my IT job is mentally draining

To preface my question, I am an Irish 21 year old male currently on a college work placement. I work Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM as an RPA developer and Business Analyst. I commute ...
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31 votes
3 answers

How to ask a casual acquaintance for phone number without being awkward?

I commute to work every day and there is a woman I talk to every day because we take the same train. I've been talking to this woman for a few months (4+). We chat for a few minutes before the train ...
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45 votes
3 answers

How to tell boss about pregnancy?

I am about 22 weeks pregnant and it's getting to the point where it's hard to hide! I haven't told my boss or any coworkers yet. I have a doctors note saying the due date etc. I'm a bit of a wimp ...
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11 answers

How can I politely tell my fellow tenants that I am not the caretaker?

I have 3 fellow tenants in the same building where I live. Every Monday evening, the refuse bins must be put out in the street so that the next morning the company could collect the garbage and empty ...
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7 answers

What should I do to appear less 'creepy' to people?

I'm a 21-year-old black male who is 5ft 4in (165cm). With my stature described, my physique appears relatively 'soft' compared to the average adult, however, I think my personality or behavior along ...
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