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Questions tagged [korea]

Questions that have a specific focus on people in Korea or Korean culture.

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1 answer

How to convince co-home-owners to consult me on significant changes/purchases?

I live in the US and my wife and I share a house with my in-laws (and young daughter). We bought the house just over a year ago and myself, my wife and my in-laws are all co-owners. My wife and her ...
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2 answers

How to deal with situations where Asian girls don't like me (Asian male) but want to talk with White guy I'm with?

I'm an East Asian guy living in East Asia (multiple countries), and sometimes when I'm with a white guy, lets' call him Bob, for example in a cafe, canteen, or even on the street, a few girls approach ...
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I'm a bibimbap heretic - can I eat my food the way I want without coming off as disrespectful?

I enjoy bibimbap. In American Korean restaurants, bibimbap is typically served as a large bowl of rice with individual portions of each topping arranged over it, like so. The traditional way to eat ...
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Alternative to "you look tired" [closed]

Today I've learned that "You look tired" or "You look sick" is an insult, which is not in my culture - I'm from Korea. Sometimes I want to express my worries for example When some colleagues express ...
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Demonstrating my intentions (date/relationship) while dealing with cultural differences

I'm having problems figuring out how to move forward with a girl I like. About me I'm in my mid 20's, about low to average in appearance and style, heavy thinker, introverted, and shy person. I find ...
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As an outsider to Korean culture, how do I work within the age system?

My understanding of Korean culture is that everyone basically knows everyone else's age. This is essential when speaking Korean because the language changes based on your social status. As an ...
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