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How to get an employee to think more independently?

I have an employee (my first), and I give them tasks to do. However, often they will do the task in a way that officially meets the description I gave but doesn't exactly do what I want, because I ...
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How to turn down a promotion in new job? [closed]

I'm a software developer with 4+ years of experience. I'm moving out of my current company and get a better offer (both in pay and role) from another company. I'm socially awkward and try to avoid ...
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How can I scold my juniors without annoying them?

I'm a senior at my school. A socially-awkward prefect, actually. Because of my shyness, I often ignore my juniors' misbehaviours, leading them to be spoilt. Also, they don't really care about what we ...
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How can I say I am an outstanding leader without sounding arrogant? [closed]

I'm filling out a short resume sort of form to apply for a volunteer leadership position and one question I need to answer is, "Why do you want to come back as a leader? What makes you good for this ...
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Is it okay to point out someone's keeping quiet in a discussion/meeting? [closed]

After reading a related question, I am rethinking about various discussion/meeting where I, and most other leaders/moderators in the discussion/meeting, call out someone for being quiet and not ...
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How to handle dysfunctional behaviour in workplace [closed]

In our team of several software developers we have two leaders: me (official title: "Team Leader" - recently nominated, technical) and another guy (official tite: "Scrum Master" - this is the case for ...
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Leading a meeting as a shy person?

I'm a shy person, and tend to be the last to speak in a discussion or meeting. But I noticed that in my group (a hobby group), most people are quiet too, and also passive when taking turns in ...
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