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A life partner is a romantic companion with whom you intend to stay in a permanent relationship (whether legally married or otherwise). Use the "relationships" tag for dating or more casual relationships.

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How to apologize to somebody when one or both of you don’t remember what needs apologizing for?

My wife and I have been married for a long time and are in a loving relationship. Unfortunately I have memory issues (ADHD, dyspraxia and similar co-morbid conditions) as does she from both similar ...
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Could keeping score help in conflict resolution?

TL;DR: We've all heard that you shouldn't keep score in a relationship. It leads to misunderstandings and arguments. But here's the thing - we already have a lot of arguments. Could keeping score at ...
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How to encourage my boyfriend to sleep in the same bed as me? [closed]

My boyfriend moved into my house with me about a year ago, and for about 9 months we were sleeping in the same bed (the master bedroom). There is a similarly-sized guest bedroom that also has a ...
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How to correct my dad's misconception of my partner?

My dad appears to have a long-standing misconception about my partner of nearly 10 years. He seems to believe she does very little to contribute, either in terms of labour or financially. Neither of ...
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How to make clear to my boyfriend that I simply don't have anything to talk about

I've been in a gay relationship with my boyfriend for about 12 year so now. About a year ago we had a small fight about the fact that I am not talking to him anymore. At first I didn't even notice ...
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How to comfort and help a partner who can't get a job and started questioning own capability?

Context My partner finished his bachelor's around two years ago. By that time he had multiple positive internship experiences and collected compliments from peers where he worked (some had even ...
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How to tactfully request girlfriend's family to give us more space?

I have been dating my girlfriend for about 1 year now. I love her for her caring nature, intelligence, and sense of humor. However, since I met her parents about some months ago, they have much more ...
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Should I tell my partner my honest opinion about her career choice? [closed]

My partner and I are working in close but distinct academic fields as researchers. It turns out that my career is reasonably successful, without being stellar, but her situation is more complicated. ...
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How to ask my ex if she has a dependence relationship with me?

I had a friend with benefits for almost one year who eventually became my girlfriend even though I didn't see her as so, I could say it was just by routine, we were seeing just each her and doing "...
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How to suggest someone to find a hobby without offending them?

As for the topic, if possible I'd be grateful for general answer and more specific one regarding following situation: My girlfriend has a clinically diagnosed depression (she attends visits with ...
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How to contact to partner after breakup who does not want to talk [closed]

My partner broke up with me few days ago and it is very surprising and devastating for me. For last 6 months we were in a great relationship and everything was going good. So, a little bit about the ...
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Suggestions on how to constructively discuss mundane issues with spouse?

I need some suggestions on how to constructively discuss mundane relationship issues with my wife. And example to illustrate this: I asked "Sweetheart could you do the dishes more often?" Her ...
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2 answers

How to handle degrading neighbour / acquaintance couples?

TL;DR; How to handle bullying partner in a group discussion where he is bullying and degrading his partner in plain sight of everybody? This situation is some time past me, but is still nagging me, ...
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If you rely on your partner to do something, how do you ask them to do it better?

Wife and I raise our kid together. Most of time it works fine, but it's very hard to change those of her behavior that I find unacceptable. For example - let's say she does the cooking. She's been ...
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How to ask your girlfriend to pay her share of the rent when she moves in?

I am on the cusp of moving to a new part of the country (1000km from my current location) and start a new job. I have just signed a lease to an apartment (that I am able to pay by myself if need be) ...
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How to help a person with motivation/rewarding

A little of background: my fiancé is dealing with depression. She had a very hard time when she was mostly laying in bed, crying and being anxious. Now, thanks to medicine she's taking, psychotherapy, ...
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Girlfriend gets extremely angry over small issues, how can I help her?

When I went to live with my girlfriend a few years ago I was initially surprised by how she got very angry (using a very aggressive tone, shouting, ecc..) when I did "something wrong". By angry, I ...
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How to align personal interests with family?

I'm transitioning to the father role which is not going great. I'm facing the fact that I have less time now to follow my personal interests like watching soccer games on weekends. My wife is ...
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Not hearing my wife when I'm distracted

Often when I'm working on the computer or watching TV, my wife says something to me and I have no clue what she said. I remember being a kid and repeating "Dad" 30 times before I got his attention. ...
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How can I remind someone to do a task when reminding them makes them less likely to do it?

I have a bit of a problem with my girlfriend, in that things aren't getting done because she is forgetful about things she doesn't like to do. We've had many discussions on the topic, and we both ...
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