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8 answers

Household chores in long distance relationship

Situation My long-term partner and I (mid-thirties) have apartments in different cities due to work reasons, we see each other on the weekends, always taking turns whose apartment we are staying in. ...
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4 answers

Having a conversation with girlfriend over possible future, when she shuts everything down?

I dated a girl (early 20's) a bit about half a year ago, while she was on a break from her ex relationship. There's about 700 km between us, in different European countries. We chat every day all day ...
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13 votes
5 answers

How should I address scheduling phone or video calls with my long distance girlfriend?

Currently, I live about 10 miles outside Cambridge, UK. My girlfriend lives a similar distance away, but in the opposite direction. A journey to visit her is about 2 hours via public transport, which ...
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How to tell long distance girlfriend we both did wrong without her closing up again

I've been with my long-distance girlfriend for 8 months now, we are both in our mid-20s. Last weekend we had a disagreement in an online game session: Once she went online I asked her to play a ...
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What should I take into consideration when resuming conversations online after an extended lack of contact?

I've been exchanging messages online with someone of the opposite gender for an extended time now. We live in different countries. I think we get along fairly well, and there have been situations ...
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Will deleting a WhatsApp message in a conversation with my girlfriend makes her to loose trust on me? [closed]

It is a short term + long-distance relationship, I am trying to build the trust. When we were texting in WhatsApp I deleted a message with ta ypo (delete for everyone) and she asked me what did I ...
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My boyfriend blocked me, I would like to make up with him

Background: I have been dating my boyfriend for almost four years. We are a long distance couple. Basically my boyfriend blocked me on all social media because I have overreacted on him. That was two ...
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How do I tell a friend that's trying to start another long distance relationship that it isn't a very good idea without hurting our friendship?

Context My friend (f) is trying to start another long distance relationship with a second person in our extended group of friends (I am neither of these people). The first relationship (w/ Person 1) ...
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3 answers

How to talk to my parents about living abroad

Context: I'm 30, my parents are in their mid 50s, they are divorced and they both married after. I don't live with any of them (I'm in another city) and I visit them about once a month, also for ...
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How to Find a Long Distance Friend in Online world? [closed]

I am an introverted man and I am 30 years old. Because of my introversion & my country's culture, I never had a girlfriend; I have worked with women, I have been with girls in college; But I never ...
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