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Talking to a friend that isn't very reasonable about people having different opinions

Me, personally speak my mind. For example, if someone asks for my opinion about a shoe and if I think it is ugly I just say it. I'm not rude or don't want to be mean. It is ugly in my opinion but it ...
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How to socialize at pubs/bars when you are alone?

Near my town there's a nice pub which is the only place in a big radius which offers live rock, metal and acoustic music (other venues offers DJs which puts reggaeton, hip hop, trap and EDM) and a ...
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Band mates / roommates unwilling to share our rehearsal space and equipment

I'm a member of a band, band "A", which has played together for over a year. For the past year, band "A" has been basically the only musical project for all of the members. We just started renting a ...
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How to listen to music without looking antisocial?

A lot of people wear headphones or earbuds, often with no music playing, as a sign that they don't want to be bothered. But maybe I want to listen to music when in public, perhaps simply for the fact ...
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How to politely ask a band member to stop being late/ditching last minute?

So I am in a band consisting of 5 people: 2 guitarists, the drummer, the bassist and a vocalist (might be worth mentioning that the guitarists are brothers that only tend to see each other at practice)...
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