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When someone is discussing something with another person or group in order to reach an agreement with them.

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How to respond to an obviously unfair offer in a high-stakes negotiation without offending the other side?

Background A relative of mine, whom I'll call Tania, owns the larger bedroom of a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow, Russia, while the other bedroom is owned by a guy completely unrelated to her, whom I'...
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How to have friend doing a favour sign a contract without making it look like I'm taking advantage of him?

I have a tendency to over think things, get paranoid and get anxiety when it comes to the law. I had a couple of very unfortunate experience, even one I was completely in the right going to court is a ...
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How to (politelly) tell a martial arts instructor that I am interested only in part of his curriculum?

I am increasingly under the impression that martial arts classes are really tough places when it comes to practicing Interpersonal Skills. I have failed miserably once and already more or less given ...
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How to ask my manager for a part-time?

I'm currently working as a full-time QA engineer. I have been working here for a little less than a year. I'm on the autism spectrum with tiredness issues and working full time is just too much for me....
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Handling boss who doesn't pays salary on time

Asking this mainly for my wife, not myself. I'm also affected by it since we live together. Please note that I'm NOT asking for legal advice. Legally I would know how to proceed, unfortunately, it's ...
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How not to get dismissed in a negotiations

My example will be salary negotiations specific but I'd like to know how not to let other person dismiss you easily from negotiations. In a few days I'm planning to renegotiate my salary with boss of ...
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My roommate is making me pay too much for rent. How can I confront him?

I just moved to a new city for my master studies. I met a man via a social website who is already living here and he offered to rent me his two room apartment for a year while he was studying abroad, ...
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I offered to help neighbor, how to discuss compensation?

I saw my neighbor post on social media that they wanted help with some computer related tasks. We have never met or had any interaction before. I offered to come help them for no compensation. They ...
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How to negotiate with landlady in a shared home who flat out says "no"?

I moved into a shared home with roommates. The landlady and her husband are two of the roommates. I've been having issues with storage space. Today she was cleaning up and she was about to throw out (...
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How should I present the idea of doing repairs and minor renovations to my landlord?

TL;DR: I'm a competent and careful handyman who cares deeply about the quality of my work. I'd like to present the idea of doing repairs and minor renovations to my rental for only the cost of ...
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How to ask a landlord to install air conditioning?

I rent an upper mid-class standard flat, solo, Warsaw, Poland. The only big drawback is heat. From about April to September room temperature stays at >26 Celsius day and night. This lowers sleep ...
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7 answers

I don't see why I have to pay for a full bumper paint job. How do I convince her?

When I was reversing, I accidentally scratched a woman's car. The scratch is around 15cm long and 0.5cm wide. The scratch is not a really a scratch since my car's paint was simply just scraped off ...
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A friend killed my car. What now?

I had a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora that I paid $1100 for one year ago. It was a very nice car, even though it was 16 years old. I have MS and driving has become kind of scary; I feel I am a danger to ...
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Is negotiating a price perceived as rude in the UK culture?

I am looking to buy used car components on eBay from the UK, I found a good deal, the seller put together a nice kit but I feel a 15% discount would better align the item to the market price. I might ...
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How to bargain with a store for an expired sale?

I want to purchase a certain product. Only one store in my area carries it, and my research has indicated that there are no others in the country. The store is currently selling the product for $1700 ...
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How can I politely make an offer on a used vehicle?

This is the first time I buy a vehicle on my own, so I have no experience in this matter. Today I will be meeting someone who is selling their motorbike. I think he is asking too much for it so I want ...
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