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For questions about online-based relationships involving a significant other or sexual partner.

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In online dating, how do I ask a date why she seems so disinterested?

I (male) contacted a woman (19 years old) through an online dating service. We have been exchanging messages for three weeks now. She lives not far across the border in a neighboring country, but ...
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How do I ask people out in an online group?

For the past few months, I've been participating in a group on This particular group holds a weekly social event on Zoom and plays online games together every few days. (The issues below, ...
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Reassuring my wife being jealous of my close female friend

In short, I've made a mistake of being overly friendly and supportive to another person and can't deal with the massive backfire due to me being untrustworthy. More details below. I met my girlfriend, ...
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How to quickly end a date?

I use a dating app to go on dates with people I have never seen in person. Usually we spend 1-2 hours to go for some coffee etc. I've had dates turn up that e.g. don't look like their picture/...
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How do I tell a friend that's trying to start another long distance relationship that it isn't a very good idea without hurting our friendship?

Context My friend (f) is trying to start another long distance relationship with a second person in our extended group of friends (I am neither of these people). The first relationship (w/ Person 1) ...
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Approach former date online without making it awkward

So there's this girl I was dating back in may I matched on Tinder. I was over that pretty quickly and I still don't have any romantic interest in her. At the time we were dating (and I'd bet long ...
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What is the etiquette about how/when to Stop Conversation with other matches when dating online? [closed]

I don't believe this question or an answer is specific to OKCupid, but that's the particular platform I have been using in case there are any answers/advice that is specific to that site. In OKCupid ...
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Asking a girl you love (without being rude) to be your girlfriend when you're married [closed]

I know a girl from the internet (we both live in Germany), and looks like everything is fine between us (we are talking every some hours, smiling, flirting ..etc). I am currently married, but, as my ...
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How to contact to partner after breakup who does not want to talk [closed]

My partner broke up with me few days ago and it is very surprising and devastating for me. For last 6 months we were in a great relationship and everything was going good. So, a little bit about the ...
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How to approach discussion with wife about a possible "emotional affair"

Background: My wife and I have been together for about 8 years now (married for 6) and we have two gorgeous children. My wife, unfortunately, has been suffering from mild depression for quite a while, ...
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How to communicate with a friend I've known online for eight years?

Background: I am male, 20 years old Online friend is male, 18 years old Let's call my friend Dean, we've known each other for nearly 8 years now and have played together on PlayStation pretty much ...
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How to ask for calls and deal with my SO's reluctance to calling?

I'm in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend Alice. We often text every day from the moment she wakes up till I sleep (time difference, not constantly because we have work, school etc.). We ...
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Long Response Times Before Texting Back [closed]

I am a male in my mid-twenties. A female friend of mine sent me a text saying that one of her friends (female) came across my profile and thought that I'm "really cute". I joked around with my friend ...
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Will an hour's drive place too much of a barrier on a relationship? [closed]

Yes, I've heard of the stories of people from different US states having long-distance relationships and eventually flying to each other and meeting up that way. But I get the feeling that this is ...
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How do I phrase an introduction on a dating website?

I'm attempting to meet somebody on a few dating websites. The sites that I'm using all rely on internal messaging systems and user-created profiles to stimulate conversation, so the only thing I know ...
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What to do when meeting an online friend in real life for the first time? [closed]

In a few weeks time, a friend from the Netherlands is coming over to spend a week with me in the UK. She is female (and I am male), we are both the same age, and are friends (there's nothing special ...
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