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Parents are forcing me to attend coaching despite it is affecting my mental health

Context: I am a 17 year old boy, currently in grade 10. I also go to extra coaching classes after school for Mathematics. Here's the problem: I don't feel good in the coaching centre that I go to. ...
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How to help a 6yo girl overcome her "breast obsession"?

My daughter is 6 years old and from the day she mastered the correct pronunciation of the "br"-sound as in - you may have guessed it - the word "breast" she seems to be obsessed ...
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Family of migraine patient - how to help kids understand violent outbursts of migraine patient (mother) in response to noise

I had assumed that my wife was a bad person due to the way she behaved when my daughter cried for any reason. She would get angry and even at times hit my daughter when she cried instead of consoling ...
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Asking teacher to fix course software in group chat to speed up resolution

My child is currently taking online lessons due to Corona lock-down. The teacher takes about 40 minutes to explain today's lesson and then the children (7, 8 year) do exercises online and offline with ...
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How can I help my autistic son with unrealistic life ambitions

My son is in his early 20’s and is on the autistic spectrum. He has seen his older sibling and cousins go to university, learn how to drive and move out of home to live with their partners. He now ...
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Explaining to my future child why I chose to be absent from their life [closed]

[UK] I recently discovered that a girl I had been seeing a few months ago is pregnant and has decided to keep the baby. I've told her that I'm having no part in it. I won't be signing as the father ...
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How to talk to someone who is interfering with my parenting?

I am an introvert and recently moved into a house where I live with my wife's brothers as their mom has recently died. The elder brother of my wife is very cocky and proud and yet does nothing. He is ...
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How to convince younger brother to participate in helping me and others instead of being too focused to something?

Background I fought my younger brother when he flat out told me that whatever he's doing at the moment is much more important than any problems that are not his and that it is too much of a hassle to ...
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How to get my adult son to stop criticizing his Dad (me) [closed]

Here are three sentences describing what it is that I'm looking for help with: I'm looking for a way to get across to my adult son that I can no longer tolerate his abusive behavior (criticism/...
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My wife has now decided she doesn't want have children, but I fear it's just because of mental illness (depression) [closed]

37 y/o male. Wife (33 y/o) and I have been married for about 7 years. We fell in love deeply and quickly and were married within 2 years of when we started dating. We never really discussed having ...
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Is it appropriate to remove a privelege from my younger brother for bad behavior? [closed]

I own a game that my younger brother who is 10 enjoys playing. Because he enjoys complaining about things I've been allowing him to use some functions on his own time to play it. But this morning he ...
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How to announce to our relatives that our daughter has dementia?

We are a couple, 36/M, and 38/F, with a 13-year-old daughter, who was diagnosed with dementia on Saturday. We're from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Over the past few weeks she'd been ...
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How can I ask the smokers to stop smoking at playgrounds? [duplicate]

I can't stand anymore to encounter smoking parents as I visit playgrounds with my 3 years old daughter. Is there any constructive way to ask the smokers in order to stop smoking at playground? I do ...
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How to encourage a child with autism to practice reading?

I'm asking on behalf of friends of mine who have a daughter who is diagnosed with "high functioning" autism. Let's call her Jane. Jane went to a regular primary school but couldn't learn in this ...
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Neighbours yelled at my wife for "telling their kids off" [closed]

In what has become an extension to Neighbor unhappy with the fact I asked his kids to return our toys My wife has just called me in tears because two of my neighbours felt it appropriate to yell at ...
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Persuade community staff to be more lenient on unwritten "rules" about hot tub

My wife, my children, and I arrived yesterday for a 2 week stay at a "senior" style 55+ Florida RV park with a hot tub. We are very well informed of the risks associated with children enjoying hot ...
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How to refuse someone who would like to borrow our baby?

I have a 7 month old daughter, and there are instances that a relative or a friend will ask to borrow our baby or carry our baby for a while. There are times that I would like to refuse because of ...
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How to align personal interests with family?

I'm transitioning to the father role which is not going great. I'm facing the fact that I have less time now to follow my personal interests like watching soccer games on weekends. My wife is ...
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